Meghan Trainor Reveals News Of Second Pregnancy, Announces First-Ever Book ‘Dear Future Mama’

“After feeling so overwhelmed and alone in my first pregnancy, I was inspired to write this book,” Trainor shared.


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Posted on February 1, 2023

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Meghan Trainor; Photo Courtesy of American Music Awards/ABC

Meghan Trainor gave fans a massive surprise while making a pop-in appearance on the TODAY Show — not only is the award-winning singer releasing her first book, Dear Future Mama: A TMI Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and New Motherhood from Your Bestie, but she is also expecting her second child with husband Daryl Sabara.


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“I wrote a book, who am I?” Trainor joked in a clip from the show on Instagram. “After having a baby, we all know I just feel like I can do anything. This was a big goal of mine because when I was pregnant, I felt very alone. It was also COVID times, so I didn’t have any friends that were pregnant with me. I just remember being like, ‘I don’t want anyone else to feel like that.’ So now I can be your future bestie and I can help you and tell you all of my TMI details of my pregnancy and how crazy it was,” before excitedly revealing, “I’m pregnant!”

While Meghan has achieved massive success throughout her career with megahits “All About That Bass,” “Dear Future Husband” and “Made You Look,” one of her greatest dreams has always been to be a mother. From the moment she found out she was pregnant with her son Riley, she was intrigued by the whole pregnancy journey.


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“I spent my entire pregnancy trying to get all the information I could possibly get. I was captivated by what I was experiencing, and as the first of my friends to be pregnant, nobody around me but my mom, my aunts and strangers on the internet knew what I was going through,” explained Trainor.

Due for release on April 25, 2023, with Harper Horizon, Dear Future Mama offers future mothers and their partners a heartfelt and humorous guide inspired by Meghan’s motherhood journey. Meghan’s personal trainer, registered dietitian, husband and OB-GYN share their insights as well in the book, providing an array of expert insights.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, yet also comes with uncertainties that can be scary at times. Dear Future Mama gives expectant moms a judgement-free place to unwind, laugh out loud and receive a pep talk to ensure that they know they are far from alone in this difficult — but rewarding — journey from a mother who has been there. Meghan shares with readers a TMI guide to all things’ conception, pregnancy and childbirth, with advice ranging from ovulation apps to breastfeeding, personal body image experiences, mental health and pursuing a career as a mother.

“After feeling so overwhelmed and alone in my first pregnancy, I was inspired to write this book to make sure no other future mama ever felt like that,” added Trainor. “I want to give future mamas permission to find the right path for them — without the judgment of others. I want this book to feel like a hug from a bestie.”

Fans can pre-order Dear Future Mama now at The book will be available to purchase as a hardcover, ebook and audiobook with Trainor’s narration.

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