Chayce Beckham; Photo Courtesy of ABC
Chayce Beckham; Photo Courtesy of ABC

Mayhem Moment: Chayce Beckham

Let’s face it, even the most highly successful music artist had to start somewhere! Every performer, singer, songwriter, or musician likely began pursuing their dream after being moved by a real-life experience.

Plenty of artists got their start after attending their first concert, while others found their passion following the purchase of their first full-length album. Some artists even had to climb the ranks, oddly enough, by digging ditches for extra cash to find their way to playing on stage in front of thousands of people. Meanwhile, others have stood in giant crowds to see bands play on stage before ever hitting the road on their own.

After paying his dues and learning the ins and outs of the business, though, American Idol winner Chayce Beckham has been able to make a career out of what he loves to do! And, he can now reflect on his journey and see how far he has come so far.

Luckily, for readers Music Mayhem has decided to go back to where it all began for Beckham, and find out some of the biggest moments that have helped shape him into who he is today!

Check out these cool first-time experiences that have made an impact on Beckham throughout his life.

First album purchased: Dookie by Green Day

First concert you’ve attended as a fan: Iration, played at the US Open, and I think it was like 2012 or something like that.

First musical inspiration: I would say maybe like Van Halen.

First musical memory: My first guitar that I got when I was only about 3 years old.

First celebrity/musician crush: I think it was Miley Cyrus, man, Hannah Montana.

First job: My first job was working kind of labor and construction, you know, on the side, doing work like that, with either my grandpa, or, but my first real job, I think, was I worked at PacSun in a mall when I was like 15 in a school program

First song you’ve ever written or released: The first song I ever wrote and released was well, I wrote an album with The Sinking Sailors, the first song on that album was “Cocaine & Booze.”

First time you felt you made it: I still don’t feel like I’ve made it, you know, I’ve got a lot of work to do. Hope it’s not over. (laughing)

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