Maren Morris Says Her Next Album Will Be An “Angry,” “Confessional” Rock Album

“It’s visceral, vulnerable but fun too,” Morris said.


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Posted on April 1, 2023

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Maren Morris; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Maren Morris is hard at work on her next album.

The “Circles Around This Town” singer shared more details about the project with Katie & Company’s Katie Neal at Audacy’s Leading Ladies event on International Women’s Day (Mar. 8) at the Hard Rock Hotel in New York City.

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Going Into “A Rock Realm

During their conversation, the 32-year-old singer revealed the genre of her next album will be in the “rock realm.”

“You mentioned that you’ve been writing a lot and you’ve been playing some demos and stuff. What can you say about the next chapter of music that you’re working on right now?,” Neal asked Morris.

“I mean, it’s thus far pretty confessional and I mean, I feel like it’s a rock realm it’s going into,” Morris said. “I don’t quite know what it is yet. They’re just demos, so I kind of find out when I get in the studio. But yeah, it’s super confessional.”

“[It’s] visceral, super vulnerable, but fun too,” the “Circles Around This Town” singer continued. “So I don’t know, on my last record, it was during the pandemic, so we tried to just do what we could during that time where everything was remote, doing Zoom sessions, [and] whatnot. And this feels like we’re back.”

“All My Influences Are Getting Barfed Out On This One

Morris went on to say that her last record, Humble Quest (released in 2022) was “very organic country,” but all of her influences are “getting barfed out on” her new project.

“I think my last record was super internal and organic, feeling tons of guitars, steel guitar. It felt like very organic country. And this one is going in a more rock direction,” Morris explained. “I don’t know. It’s really fun. I’m excited because it’s just all my influences are getting barfed out on this one.”

Teaming Up With Marcus Mumford

While Morris is still hard at work on her fourth studio album, she did just release a new song.

Morris teamed up with Marcus Mumford, the lead singer of the folk band, Mumford & Sons to record their own cover of “Look at Us Now (Honeycomb)” for the Amazon Prime original series, Daisy Jones & The Six. The series, starring Riley Keough and Sam Claflin, follows a fictional band trying to make it big in the 1970s.

Morris and Mumford released their version of the song, which appears on the fictional band’s debut album, Aurora, on Mar. 17, Billboard indicated.

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In a statement published by Billboard, Morris says she was “honored” to record a cover of the song with Mumford.

“Shows depicting the reality of what it takes to become a band or what it’s really like touring can so often get it wrong,” Morris said.

“One of the components of Daisy Jones is that they chose to ground this fictional universe with real songwriting. The music in the show that [producer] Blake Mills created and the incredible performances by the actors gives this world a heartbreaking authenticity. I’m so honored to have gotten to sing on ‘Look At Us Now’ with Marcus,” she added.

For Mumford, who helped co-create the series’ soundtrack, the feeling was mutual. “I’ve been a fan of Maren for a long time – both her solo music and her work with The Highwomen – and this duet needed a voice like hers,” he said in his own statement. “We’re just honestly so thankful she agreed to do it.”


Working on new music aside, Morris told Neal she was preparing to celebrate her son, Hayes’ third birthday at a petting zoo. Morris shares son, Hayes with her husband, fellow country singer-songwriter, Ryan Hurd.

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