Luke Combs Vows To Give His Children A “Normal Life” Despite His Fame

Combs said he wants his children to have “a really fun, normal feeling childhood.”


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Posted on April 6, 2023

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Luke Combs, Wife Nicole Hocking Combs; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Luke Combs doesn’t want his fame to affect the way his children grow up.

In an interview with Esquire about his fourth studio album, Gettin’ Old, the 33-year-old singer and soon-to-be father of two opened up about making sure his kids have as normal a life as possible.

“A Really Fun, Normal feeling Childhood”

“I want my son—and eventually my children—to have as normal of a life as they deserve to have,” Combs told the outlet. “To ride bikes, to have privacy, to go fishing. I don’t want them to be on jets all the time going all around the world—not that we wouldn’t go on vacation together. I want them to have the things that I didn’t have. But I also want them to have the things that I did have, which was a really fun, normal feeling childhood.”

“I Just Live My Life”

In addition to sharing his dreams for his children, Combs said he’s finally made peace with his fame.

“I think I’m finally at peace with it now,” the “Love You Anyway” singer revealed. “It was tough for a few years—feeling like you couldn’t go anywhere, like you couldn’t do anything. That’s kind of going away. I just live my life, I go to the grocery store and go out to eat and whatever. I used to not even do that stuff, because it was overwhelming—it always felt like somebody was looking at you or watching you or something. But now I honestly forget about that whole part of it,” he explained.

Tex Lawrence Combs

Combs shares a 10-month-old son, Tex Lawrence Combs with his wife, Nicole Hocking. The pair welcomed Tex, their first child last year on Father’s Day (Jun. 19).

Following his son’s birth, the country singer opened up to CMT about the experience, calling fatherhood “amazing.”

“It’s amazing,” Combs told the outlet. “It really is. It’s totally different. Your life just completely changes. People say that all the time, and it probably sounds like the most cliché thing in the entire world, but it’s really true. It’s just really like, instantly. Everything’s completely different.”

Combs also admitted he was worried about changing dirty diapers while preparing for fatherhood, but his outlook has since changed.

“I’m just not bothered about being, like, just, you know, covered in someone else’s bodily fluids. Like, I was really worried about that. It’s kind of one of these things where there’s no easing into this. You know what I mean?,” the “Love You Anyway” singer said. “It’s not like you leave the doctor or before you go have the kid, there’s not like someone calls and goes, ‘Okay, you’re having this kid (this) month. So every day for the next three days, you got to change a diaper a day, and then it’s going to go up to two.’ It just immediately goes to like eight or nine. It’d be gross if it were someone else’s kid. But when it’s your own, it all changes. You’re like, ‘Oh, cool. Yeah, whatever,’” he added.

Baby Boy Combs #2

It’s a good thing Combs has become accustomed to changing dirty diapers because he’s going to encounter more of them.

Back on Mar. 20, the country singer and his wife Nicole announced their son, Tex Lawrence was going to be a big brother.

“Joining the 2 under 2 club! Baby boy #2 coming this September!!” Luke wrote via an Instagram post, which was soundtracked by a brand-new song titled “Take You With Me.”

The post featured photos of Combs, his wife Nicole, and son Tex Lawrence sporting a “big brother” onesie.

Family life aside, Combs is currently in the midst of his massive 2023 World Tour, which is completely sold-out and runs through Oct. 19.

He also just scored his 15th consecutive No. 1 song with “Going, Going, Gone” from his album, Growin’ Up.

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