Luke Bryan And Morgan Wallen; Photos By Andrew Wendowski
Luke Bryan And Morgan Wallen; Photos By Andrew Wendowski

Luke Bryan “Fell In Love” And Wanted To Record Morgan Wallen’s New Song, Wallen Says “Sorry, Luke”

Did you know that Luke Bryan “fell in love” with Morgan Wallen’s “Sand In My Boots” and wanted to record it before Wallen?

During Wallen’s recent double episode of Apple Music Country’s Happy Hour Radio on Friday (Jan. 22), the superstar chatted with his friend and co-writer HARDY, who revealed that Bryan heard the song and “fell in love” with it too. Just like Wallen did when he heard the track on his birthday. Yes, HARDY, Ashley Gorley and Josh Osborne wrote the song on Wallen’s actual birthday, the same day that they shared the now hit song with the superstar.

HARDY went on to explain how the song came to be and says that it’s an idea that he had written in his phone for quite some time.

“I just had that idea just written in my phone, you know how everybody’s got a list of ideas and I just had that idea in my phone for forever. And I went in to write with Ashley Gorley and Josh Osborne at Smack [Songs], right across the street from Big Loud. And I just had this idea called ‘Sand in My Boots,'” HARDY explained. “I just had this idea about just a summer love kind of thing. And I wanted to call it ‘Sand in My Boots.’ And of course Ashley Gorley and Josh just instantly started throwing out lines but I remember when I finished it, it was your birthday. I wrote it on your birthday, I was like, Happy Birthday here’s a hit.”

Wallen shared that he “listened to it” and “immediately fell in love with it,” however he knew that he “was going to have to change” some of the lyrics as HARDY included some lyrics about his homestate of Mississippi.

The “A Rock” singer-songwriter then revealed that Luke Bryan actually heard the track and wanted it but they told Bryan that he couldn’t have it as they knew that Wallen “could make it cool.”

“You know what’s funny is Luke Bryan fell in love with it too and I don’t know if you ever knew that,” HARDY revealed.

“I don’t think I did, I didn’t even know he heard it,” Wallen replied.

“I don’t know how he heard it but we were all like we wanted you [Wallen] to have it, we thought that you could make it cool, so he missed out dawg,” HARDY added.

“Sorry, Luke if you’re listening, but i’m not really sorry at all, I think he’ll be okay” Wallen said laughing.

“Sand In My Boots” is the first track on Side-A of Wallen’s chart-topping album, Dangerous: The Double Album.

Wallen is slated to support Bryan on this Summer’s Proud To Be Right Here Tour.

Charlie Handsome also appeared during the episode of Happy Hour Radio, who Wallen co-wrote several songs with.

Listen to “Sand In My Boots “below.

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