LISTEN: Charly Reynolds’ Fierce New Single “She Ain’t Me” Is The Ultimate Boot-Stomping Anthem

“She Ain’t Me” is the first song Reynolds wrote after a month-long vocal rest.


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Posted on June 4, 2023

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Charly Reynolds; Photo Courtesy of Justin Hammond

Rising country singer/songwriter Charly Reynolds has released a brand-new song entitled “She Ain’t Me.” The tune, out today Friday (June 2), sets a perfect mood for anyone who is ready to move on from a relationship that didn’t work out.

Charly Reynolds 'She Ain't Me' Single Art
Charly Reynolds ‘She Ain’t Me’ Single Art

Written with two of her best friends, Nicole Croteau and Chris Utley, who also produced the track, “She Ain’t Me” is the ultimate boot-stomping barn burner that makes those night out in the honky tonks even better. The fierce and flirty tune finds Reynolds showing off her spunky side as she delivers a message that she’s more country than the girl she sees her ex with.

“You know she’s never gonna be / The one who bates the hook and loads the gun / Shoots the shot, just for fun / Rocks a pair of Wrangler jeans / She’ll never be the country kind like you like / Redneckin’ all night / Honky-tonkin’ dancing queen,” Reynolds sings throughout the anthemic chorus of the song.  “She won’t give you what you need / ‘Cause she ain’t me / She can’t give you / what you need ‘cause she ain’t me.”

Listen To Charly Reynolds’ “She Ain’t Me” Below

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Charly Reynolds, who recently underwent vocal cord surgery, shared the story behind how her track came about with Music Mayhem, saying, “When we got to the write that morning I have to admit I was a little nervous! It was my first write after a month-long vocal rest. But I had came up with the title “She Ain’t Me” and had a bit of a story behind it. I had a boyfriend a few years prior who cheated on me with a girl who looked exactly like me. So we channeled that mindset with some sassy vibes and rolled with it to create ‘She Ain’t Me.’”

“She Ain’t Me” Follows The Release Of “Flowers”

Upon listening to the newest track, folks will find that “She Ain’t Me” is a striking contrast to Reynold’s previous release “Flowers,” which offers a slower tempo that brings together the storyline of a man who no longer takes the extra steps to keep a relationship fresh.

“Sure would be nice to have somеone like that / Who tried just a littlе, is that too much to ask? / Did I push him away?” Reynolds sings. “’Cause I don’t know when or why things changed / Maybe I’m crazy for staying this long / When half the time it’s like nobody’s home / Maybe I’m just not strong enough to walk away / But I bought myself flowers today.”

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“‘She Ain’t Me’ and ‘Flowers’ are definitely two totally different songs. I would say ‘Flowers’ is the feeling when you are in a relationship that you know you should leave but may not know how yet,” the 23-year-old Florida native explained the differences between each release. “You know you deserve better but aren’t sure of the route you should take. ‘She Ain’t Me’ is more of an anthem for finding your confidence and fierceness towards a man who did you wrong. They show two different phases in a relationship.”

“She Ain’t Me” is the first release from Reynold’s upcoming debut EP, which she plans to release at the end of the month. Of the forthcoming project, she says, “I am so excited to finally be releasing this EP with all the work and time I have put in. I love it so much and can’t wait for it to be out in the world.”

Charly Reynolds; Photo Courtesy of Justin Hammond
Charly Reynolds; Photo Courtesy of Justin Hammond

Set To Perform At 2023 CMA Fest

Folks can be sure to keep an eye out for Reynolds who has a handful of shows scheduled throughout the year. She is also taking the stage at 2023’s CMA Fest on Thursday (June 9) in Nashville, Tenn., and says she is excited to be a part of the lineup. 

“I feel so honored to be on the CMA line-up this year. It is something I have dreamed about forever, so to be a part of it is really special to me,” Reynolds shares of the popular music festival, which runs from June 8-June 11. “I really look forward to connecting with fans and meeting everyone!”

For a complete list of tour dates from Reynolds, visit her official website, here.

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