Lily Pearl Black Talks Living In The Same Nashville Apartment Her Famous Father Clint Black Lived In 30 Years Ago

Clint Black wrote his massive hit, “Like The Rain,” in this same apartment 30 years ago.


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Posted on April 10, 2023

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Lily Pearl Black, Clint Black; Photo Provided

When it was time for Clint Black’s 21-year-old daughter Lily Pearl Black to find a one-bedroom apartment, she never imagined that she would end up living in the exact same unit that her famous father once lived 30 years ago. It was also the same home where Clint Black wrote his massive hit song “Like The Rain.”

Lily recently opened up to Music Mayhem about the surreal full-circle experience.

Lily Lives In The Same Apartment That Her Father Clint Black Lived In 30 Years Ago

The biggest priority for both Clint and Lily was finding a place with great security. Clint remembered that the building where he’d lived 30 years ago had that vital feature, so he suggested checking it out because they had been hitting a dead end.

“So we find this apartment and the security’s everything that my dad wants it to be,” Lily recalled, while also sharing that the building’s original property manager, who was there 30 years ago, was still working there as well. “It was great to see her and they’re like, oh my gosh, it’s like a reunion.”

There were two units available at the time – one that Lily liked, and one that she loved.

Lily Pearl Black, Clint Black, Lisa Hartman Black; Photo Provided
Lily Pearl Black, Clint Black, Lisa Hartman Black; Photo Provided

“This Looks So Familiar”

As she walked through the unit she loved with her parents, her dad shared his reaction. “My dad’s just going, wow, this looks so familiar. And my mom’s laughing thinking, well yeah, we lived in the building, of course,” Lily laughed.

She says Clint remembered unique details about the unit that led him to believe that it was the same one, so they asked the manager to check their records. “She pulls up the records and it is the exact same unit that they lived in 30 years ago by total chance.”

It was at that point that Lily knew she had to take it.

“The even cooler part about that is the living room that I’m actually sitting in right now is where [my Dad] wrote ‘Like the Rain,’ sitting in the window when it was raining,” Lily shared. Knowing that history has inspired the singer/songwriter to write from that same place, too. “I’ve got a couple songs that I’m working on. One that I started last night. I feel like I have to write a hit in the window now.”

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Lily Pearl Black Recently Released A Three-Song EP

Lily was on the road with her parents Clint and Lisa Hartman Black on the Mostly Hits and The Mrs. Tour, which wrapped up in February.

In November 2022, Lily released a 3-song EP, Songs from The Mostly Hits & The Mrs. Tour, which includes live versions of “Every Time it Rains,” “Cry Pretty,” and an original song, “Never Knew Love.”

Lily shared that she has been working on new music, having finished a couple songs that she hopes will be part of a larger project.

“I hope sooner than later that I can put it out there and that everybody loves it as much as I do,” she says. “Whether you can relate to the story or not, I want it to be written in a way and sung in a way that it still resonates and it still sits with you and you feel something even though you can’t relate, you still feel it.”

Lily Pearl Black and Clint Black; Photo Courtesy of Chris Hollo/Opry
Lily Pearl Black and Clint Black; Photo Courtesy of Chris Hollo/Opry

Hopes To Embark On Her Own Tour “Sooner Than Later”

The fast-rising singer/songwriter is ready for the next phase of her career when opportunities arise, but she plans to always keep space for touring with her parents as time allows.

“If this is something that we make a family tradition, no matter where I am in my career, I will do this as long as we are allowed to do it. As long as time allows us and work allows us, even if I am off touring on my own and we can make it work to do the family tour again, I’ll continue to do it just cause I love it and I love being out there with them. And especially if I am on my own with my career, I’m gonna be busy and I’m not gonna be seeing them as much. So to have that time with them is also so special. But I do hope that my own touring days come sooner than later.”

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