Kellin Quinn; Photo Courtesy of Zoom
Kellin Quinn; Photo Courtesy of Zoom

Kellin Quinn Says Sleeping With Sirens’ New Album Will Nod To Linkin Park’s ‘Minutes to Midnight’

After giving fans a taste of their forthcoming new album with the release of their single “Bloody Knuckles,” Sleeping With Sirens‘ frontman, Kellin Quinn, is now sharing a few details about the band’s forthcoming new album!

The singer recently told Music Mayhem that Sleeping With Sirens new album will nod to Linkin Park’s third studio album, Minutes To Midnight, in the sense of live instrumentation and not digital instruments.

When asked if the album will be similar to their previous release, where they stuck to their hardcore roots, or if it will be mainstream radio rock, Quinn shared that they are definitely “sticking to the last album” as they feel like that is “our lane” and that’s what the band most enjoys playing live and they “love the energy that it brings.”

“So I think it’s really good for us to stick there. Obviously, we’re gonna inject more sounds and more ideas,” Quinn explained. “I told Jack that it was really important for me to feel like this album has a nod to the ‘Minutes to Midnight’ Linkin Park album in a sense to where I really want live instrumentation. I don’t want to do a bunch of digital stuff. I want it to be like real amps, I really want to mess with tones, and I really want to mess with cool lead parts for Jack that are just as catchy as vocal lines, real drums and real things like that. So that’s kind of our focus, but in that vein, we’re still gonna keep it a hundred and keep it, rock.”

Quinn also shared that the album is nearly complete and that they will be returning to the studio together on June 29th to “wrap up the new album.”

Additionally, while nothing has been confirmed yet, Quinn shared that he hopes to hit the road this fall.

The yet-to-be announced new album will follow the group’s 2020 album, How It Feels To Be Lost (Deluxe).

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