Keith Urban Talks “One Too Many” Collaboration With P!NK And How It Came To Be

Keith Urban unleashed his latest single “One Too Many” featuring P!NK on September 16, the superstar pairing performed the track at the ACM Awards and also released a music video for the song. Now, Urban is telling fans about the song and how the collaboration came to be during quarantine.

The country superstar said that he received the track while he was in Nashville from his co-executive producer Dan McCarroll and he didn’t even think twice as he says it was “one of those immediate first hits top to bottom.” He continued to explain how he was just “so sucked in by the song, the chorus and everything” and that it was written as a duet and he heard a voice in the back of his head and knew who he wanted on the track.

Urban then told fans how he has always wanted to collaborate with P!NK as he admires her vocals, called them an “incredible gift.”

“I always wanted to sing with P!NK and over the years I was always hoping, either we get together and write something maybe one day I’d come upon a song that would work for her. Her voice is such an incredible gift,” Urban continued. “When she sings you can feel all of her humanity, her strength and her vulnerability and her courage and her fear and her swagger. All the colors of humanity, she has in her voice when she sings that’s what sets her a part, she’s truly extraordinary.”

He says that the pop star (P!NK) gave him an immediate yes to feature on the song and he was amazed by the quick response. Although they couldn’t record together in one place they did record the song during quarantine from California and Nashville.

“I was just really crossing my fingers that when I sent her the song she would love it, I hope she would and when I got back an immediate yes from her, it was incredible. Unfortunately, because of COVID, we had to record our vocals separately, so she was in California, I recorded mine in Nashville and the first time I heard her voice through the speakers in my studio, man it was crazy, it was everything I could’ve hoped for and then some cause she added extra bits and pieces here and there like the bit at the beginning and the bit at the very end. Those weren’t originally there till P!NK.”

When chatting about the music video for “One Too Many,” he said he had to film it from two separate location due to the gathering laws in place from the novel pandemic. However, the superstar pairing made it work flawlessly.

“When we shot the video for ‘One Too Many’ I reached out to a guy Dano Serny, who did the video for another song we have called ‘Polaroid,’ so I said well here’s the song but also we’re gonna have to shoot this in two separate places cause we can’t physically be together and he immediately sent back this idea of P!nk being on an island and me being on a couch out in the middle of the ocean trying to get to her and I was in, I just thought that was such a creative simple way to use this challenge and turn it into a strong storyline.”

“That’s a real couch, that’s really water, there was a contraption that these guys made that you can’t see that goes under the water and it holds the couch up and a guy off camera is rocking back and forth on this big lever [making the water move like waves] I almost went in twice, it was mad and we spent a long time on that couch doing that.

You can watch his full Hit Story with CMT below.

One Too Many” was released on Wednesday (Sept. 16) ahead of their 55th ACM Awards live debut of the track. The song is featured on Urban’s just released new album, The Speed Of Now Part 1, which is out now.

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