Kane Brown; Photo by Matthew Berinato
Kane Brown; Photo by Matthew Berinato

Kane Brown Says Fans Who Are Still On “Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash” Can’t Stand His Music

Kane Brown is best known for creating his own genre of music with his signature sound but he says that “red dirt country” fans are ones that “can’t stand” his music.

In a recent interview with London’s Evening Standard, Brown opened about about his style of country music and even admitted that he was very nervous about breaking into the country music scene as he personally enjoys taking his musical influences and allowing them to shine within his music.

A lot of fans and music outlets label Brown as a ‘Pop-Country’ artist so he says he just wants to go ahead and claim the title as he doesn’t think it’s a problem to have music on both pop and country radio.

“Everybody already calls me ‘pop country’ so I just want to go ahead and claim that title,” Brown explained. “I want to have songs on pop radio and I want to have songs on country radio. I don’t see why that should be a problem.”

However, he does admit that with that comes the challenges of diehard country fans saying he isn’t country enough or even that they can’t stand his music cause they are fans of older ’90s country and not the new modernized country sound.

“There are people who are, you know, ‘red dirt country’, who are still on Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash, and they can’t stand me,” Brown added. “My fans love all genres of music.”

Brown says when he was first starting his career in country music, he felt like he had to fit a certain criteria.

“I was a nervous wreck coming into the country music scene, and I did feel like I had to dress a certain way and do certain things. Now I’m at a point where I can do my own thing. I don’t push too hard to break no boundaries, but I do break boundaries.”

The country music superstar recently released his much-anticipated EP, Mixtape Vol. 1, which is the perfect example of how Brown breaks boundaries and genre-shifts to form his own refreshing, signature pop-country sound while also mixing in songs like “BFE” to fit the country genre.

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