Kane Brown; Photo by John Shearer for CMT and Chris Young; Photo by Jeff Johnson
Kane Brown; Photo by John Shearer for CMT and Chris Young; Photo by Jeff Johnson

Kane Brown Says Chris Young “Really Helped” Him Find His “Voice” And Is Ultimately Who “Got Him Into Singing”

Kane Brown and Chris Young chatted about their forthcoming collaboration “Famous Friends” during “The Quad with Chris Young” podcast.

In a new interview on Monday (Nov. 16), Brown explained that the “If That Ain’t God” singer helped him find his voice, was his first-ever concert and ultimately is who got him into singing country music.

After expressing how they are both big fans of each other’s music, Brown was asked to give the backstory on his 11th grade talent show recital where he performed Young’s second single “Gettin’ You Home” from his 2009 album The Man I Want to Be.

Brown explained that he was a big fan of country music at a very young age, listening to artists like Tim McGraw, Shania Twain and Sugarland throughout elementary school then when he got to middle school he began to listen to artists like Chris Brown and Usher and veered away from country music. However, he got back into country music when he got to High School, he attended Soddy-Daisy in Tennessee in which he joked “if you ain’t from Soddy, you ain’t nobody.”

“Yeah man, So I was working at Lowe’s and I had got out of country music for a while” Brown said. “I listen to Tim McGraw and Shania Twain and Sugarland coming up through elementary school and I got to middle school that’s when I found out about Chris Brown started poppin’ off and Usher, so I got into their music.”

“When I got back to high school I went to this school called Soddy-Daisy,” Brown began to tell the podcast host. “But I got turned onto Chris’ [Young] music and my mom’s favorite was ‘Tomorrow,’ so I started learning all his music, I went back to ‘Beer Or Gasoline’ and literally like every song. So he really helped me find my voice and I tell everybody he really helped me and so I found ‘Gettin’ You Home.'”

The “Be Like That” singer gushed over his favorite Young songs and how he introduced his unique voice to a co-worker at Lowe’s who he serenaded with a Young song in the paint department before he got a response from his co-worker that he never expected to receive.

“‘Gettin’ You Home’ and ‘You’ is probably my two favorite songs and so I start practicing them and I was working at Lowe’s at the time,” Brown added. “So I went to Lowe’s and weirdly started serenading this dude in the paint department, and he was like bro you just gave me cold chills and I was like really like no ones ever told me that and he’s like yeah bro you should try out for the talent show. I was like okay, I’ll give it a shot and so I tried out for the talent show with his song and I asked for an encore and ended up winning so I was super pumped and that’s what kind of got me into singing music.”

“Actually, Chris I don’t know if you know this or not but I went to see you and Brad Paisley in Atlanta and that was my first concert ever,” Brown revealed to Young.

“Yeah, everybody started talking about that when they were putting together the press release for this song for ‘Famous Friends’ coming out, they were like yeah have you ever seen him before, I actually did not know that until today,” Young said.

“So I was like 13 rows back and my friend Katie was with me cause I couldn’t afford a ticket and she was loaded so she drove me all the way there, and we got see you and it was funny cause she didn’t know your music either at the time and I was like here he is here he is this is who I wanted you to see and soon as you started singing she was like damn and then she was like he’s cute,” Brown continued to explain. “So anyway, yeah it was a fun concert and it was cool cause I knew every song and I was just singing and I got to see you in person and then I met him in Atlanta like you said for the first time.”

The superstar pair previously worked together from co-writing Brown’s single “There Goes My Everything” to releasing their first collaboration of “Setting The Night On Fire” which appears on Brown’s Self-Titled album.

Young’s collaboration with Brown entitled “Famous Friends” drops on Friday (Nov. 20).

“it’s a hit, it’s a smash” Brown teased of the forthcoming new track during the podcast.

Listen to their full podcast interview below.

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