Kane Brown Details Night Out At Nashville Bar With Post Malone

Kane Brown detailed a night out with Post Malone at a Nashville bar and during their time out Brown learned a lot about Malone.

The country superstar revealed in a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that Post Malone came to Nashville to hang out with Brown. Malone and Brown went to a bar in Nashville in which you can imagine the Malone was swarmed by fans and fellow musicians to the point Brown almost had to act as Malone’s security. Just to find out that Malone loves the attention as these are the people who got him to where he is now.

“Post Malone came down to Nashville and hung out with me,” Brown explained. “Post comes down, as big as he is like this big superstar, gets swarmed when he comes to this bar, not only by fans but by other country artists as well. So I go up to him and go dude do you need me… I am like his security now, I’m like do you need me to get these people away? He’s like no man, I love it, I want them to come say hey, without them i’m nothing.”

Brown said that he feels like he is “super friendly” and if his fans come to him to take photos or say hello, he will rarely say no unless he is in a hurry to get somewhere and he was thoroughly impressed by how “cheerful” Malone is to the fans being such a massive star, so much so that he now think he says he needs to “step my game up.”

He continued to tell Lowe: “When I meet somebody I will take qualities that I like from them, like there’s times where their qualities will only work for them but when I see something that will work for me, I’ll try and take that and acquire it.”

“Post is one of the most immediately charming, disarming human beings,” Lowe agreed with Brown. “If I saw Post, it doesn’t matter what his occupation is or his profession. If I saw him at a bar, I’d be like I’m knocking at least three down with you. I am doing at least three rounds with you and I’ll buy two and you can buy one, like that’s how charming he is. I want to spend time with that guy.”

Lowe asked the question fans wanted to know and that is if the superstar pair talked about making music together or were they just hanging out.

“Did you guys talk about making music or was it just a hang?” Lowe asked.

“No, it was just a hang, it’d be cool to do something with him eventually but that’s on him,” Brown said. “I know he loves country music but he also loves old old school country music, I think like ‘70s and ‘80s. He did that thing with Keith Urban but song wise I think he’s kind of trying to wait.”

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