Jon Pardi; Photo Courtesy of Social Media
Jon Pardi; Photo Courtesy of Social Media

Jon Pardi Introduces Fans To His “Pardi Animals,” Including Goats Named After Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood

Jon Pardi is introducing fans to his “Pardi animals” some of whom are named after famous country musicians. 

The “Mr. Saturday Night Singer” recently revealed that he has goats named after legendary country music star Garth Brooks and his wife, fellow country singer Trisha Yearwood.

“I named [the goats] Garth and Trisha out here when we first got ’em. I thought it’d be funny,” Pardi told ET Online. Pardi, who lives on a 15-acre farm in Nashville, has a variety of pets. In addition to the goats, Pardi has five cows, four dogs, and four cats. His goats aren’t the only animals named after public figures, either.


♬ Thank God I’m a Country Boy – John Denver

Pardi named his four cats the Kat-dashians and while his four dogs, Gus, Charlie, Bear and Cowboy, don’t have a fancy group name, he did chat about them during a recent interview with Amazon Music’s Country Heat Weekly, Pardi shared more about his pups.

“Cowboy, Cowboy’s good. Gus, Gus is good. Gus is chill, he likes the AC. Charlie is a psycho, she is a non-stop energetic French bulldog that just runs with the pack. And Bear is our little Craigslist rescue. He’s an airedoodle and he’s not little, about 100 pounds.”

In addition, he also has two other goats named Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. The singer, whose cows’ names include Holly, Kyle, and Opal, refers to his four-legged brood as “Pardi’s Animals.”

Pardi has featured his four-legged friends in posts across his various social media accounts, sharing a video of him filling a trough with feed and watching his cows go to town on TikTok. Pardi’s song, “Fill ‘Er Up” serves as an appropriate backing song for the video.


The animals are loving this song. #FillErUp #pardianimals #corn

♬ Fill ‘Er Up – Jon Pardi

In another video posted to his Instagram account, Pardi formally introduces fans to his animal friends, as he shows them around his Nashville farm. Pardi fills up a trough of sweet molasses feed for his cows, jokingly remarking that his cow Kyle is “working his way up to hamburger meat.”

Fellow cows Opal and Holly as well as goats Johnny Carter and June Carter Cash make an appearance.

Of course, social media isn’t the only place where “Pardi’s Animals” have gotten the chance to shine. Pardi’s Australian cattle dog, Cowboy appeared in the music video for his song, “Tequila Little Time.”

The music video opens with a female love interest hanging “missing” flyers in hopes of finding her lost dog, Cowboy while Pardi gets ready to open a bar. Their paths cross when she enters the bar and they spend time together while Cowboy makes friends with the locals at the dock and on the beach. At the conclusion of the music video, Cowboy turns up at the bar where he and his “owner” reunite.

Besides caring for his animal friends, Pardi just released his fourth studio album, Mr. Saturday Night. The 14-track album includes the singer’s fifth No. 1 song, “Last Night Lonely.”

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