From drummer of Five Finger Death Punch to the frontman and ‘Devil Daddy’ of his newly launched band, Psychosexual, Jeremy Spencer has had quite the transformation. Introducing fans to a unique new brand of metal music, with the band’s debut single “Let The Sin Begin” from their forthcoming debut album, Torch The Faith. The album is set to be released later this year via his independent label, 6ex Records, co-produced by Spencer and Shawn McGhee.

Psychosexual is made up of guitarist Crucifier, bassist Astaroth and drummer Volac alongside Jeremy Spencer’s alter-ego, Devil Daddy as the frontman.

We had a chance to sit down and discuss the new band, their music, the forthcoming debut album and also premiere the band’s first-ever live performance of “Let The Sin Begin,” which you can check out below. The bands first live performance took place on at Copa Room in Las Vegas, NV on May 9, and was shot by Michael Su.

Can you give a brief background on how Psychosexual came about and what inspired the name of your newly formed band? Could you give us a brief background on the new band?
I started doing solo music a couple years ago.  It was more 80’s new wave flavored, but I started to miss some of the heavier elements, so I began working with Crucifier and we wrote and recorded the album. After that was done, it was time to find the rest of the players to round the band, so we recruited two solid talents in Volac on drums and Astarath on bass.

How does it feel coming from behind the Five Finger Death Punch drum kit to becoming the frontman of your new band, Psychosexual?
It feels very natural. I created my character and my sound and have been making my own music for years. Being a very eclectic person, I’ve always been a fan of so many different kinds of music other than metal and hard rock so I created an outlet to get it out.

Was fronting/creating a band a goal for you in the past or was it just something that came about randomly?
Like every artist, I just started writing and recording music that I liked. As thing’s progressed it seemed like the natural progression to front the project since I already wrote it and sang it.

What made you want the persona of ‘Devil Daddy’ in the new band and what inspired you dressing as a devil?
My dog (chihuahua) told me to.

Psychosexual released their debut single “Let The Sin Begin,” Could you tell us how this song came about and what the production, recording, writing process was like and how long it took you to create?
It happened very fast.  Crucifier and I were messing around in the studio and I was telling him what kind of sleazy vibe I wanted and he came up with a cool track that instantly inspired me. I then looked through my rolodex of titles, picked one that fit the vibe and wrote the lyrics and vocals immediately.

Will this song be on the debut album, Torch the Faith, can you give us any details on the debut album?
Yes it will be on the debut album along with ten other songs.  Hoping to have the record out by fall.

When can fans expect to see more music from Psychosexual?
We plan on dropping content frequently. People consume fast these days, so we want to keep giving them something fresh.

This project is released on your label 6ex Records, How did that label come about and
can you tell us a little bit about the record label?

I started a label because I don’t want to give away my masters to a label that really only puts out the record through their distributor anyway. I don’t need a loan to record, I paid for the album, videos and all marketing, so there’s no point in handing over a master.  Licensing the record to a bigger label with a bigger pipeline makes sense, but not signing over the masters, there’s really no point days, unless you want the label to give you money to record, tour, make videos, market.

Can fans expect any live shows with this project after the novel coronavirus ends and allows concerts/festivals to happen again? What can they expect from a live show?
Absolutely!  Our plan is to tour everywhere and spread the awareness of the band to as many people as possible. The live show will be as crazy as we can make it within a smart budget. I’ve always been a fan of big, theatrical shows and this is that band. Expect a show that you walk from, satisfied.

We have the debut live performance of “Let The Sin Begin,” How did it feel to perform the song live for the first time ever?
It was amazing! We’ve been wanting to play live for a few months. Once the album was done, we started working on a cover EP, but also wanted to start playing shows. We had a show planned in Vegas, but then Covid happened and that changed everything.

Aside from your Psychosexual project, after leaving 5FDP, You were sworn in as a cop
at the Rockport Police Department in Indiana, could you talk more on your decision to
serve as a police officer?

My friends from back home are on the force and they approached me about it. They said there might be an opening if I came and trained and passed the test requirements, so I went to Indiana for a week and went through the testing and was sworn in by the mayor.  Going back to occasionally help out as a reserve is the least I can do since so many officers sacrifice so much for everyone daily. And what better way to do it, than in the area which you grew in up with your friends?

Could you give us an update on the health issues that forced you to step down as the
drummer of 5FDP? How are you doing now?

I had degenerative discs in my back from years of physical drumming forcing me to get disc replacement surgery and fusion.  That surgery was a set back and really took a toll on me mentally as well as physically. I’m so much better now.  A year has gone by and I’m back to working out with a trainer and can actually be mobile again which is something we all take for granted.

Anything else that you would like to tell fans that we didn’t cover in this interview?
Thank you to everyone for giving my new band Psychosexual a chance! We plan on seeing you out on tour as soon as life permits. Follow us at

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