Jason Aldean & Wife Brittany Are Thanked For Speaking Out On Politics: “As For The Haters… Screw Them”

In recent months, Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany, has been very vocal about her political views and opinions online, drawing support from those whose political views align with hers and criticism from others who have views that differ.

She recently took to Instagram with another post that has fans talking.

“My prayer as a Mama is that my babies are raised in a loving, safe place, where they have the ability to grow into the best versions of themselves,” Brittany wrote, alongside a family photo of herself, Jason and their two children, Memphis and Navy.

“The burden of the world we currently live in can be hard on any parent,” she went on to write. “Terrifying, actually. I am currently praying for our children, our military, the hospitalized, the border, the impressionable youth, the ones standing up for change… for the right to simply make their own medical choices.”

Acknowledging that for her, “some days are harder than others” when she thinks about what the future holds, she said that the support she and Jason receive from others helps them keep going.

“We get stopped multiple times per day – people giving thanks for speaking out,” she wrote. “YOU CAN TOO. We need you more than ever.”

She continued to encourage her followers to voice their opinions and said that they would be “surprised at just how much support” they’ll receive after doing so.

“As for the haters…. Screw them,” she declared. “They’re the reason we are where we are. REMEMBER THAT with every passing comment. We stand with you and support you, ALWAYS.”

Brittany recently made headlines after sharing photos of her children wearing anti-Joe Biden clothing.

Navy and Memphis were seen sporting “HIDIN’ FROM BIDEN” tees, while she was photographed wearing an “ANTI BIDEN SOCIAL CLUB” shirt.

While many comments, including ones from Dee Jay Silver, Summer Pardi, Kasi Wicks and RaeLynn, were positive, several others criticized the couple for using their children as “political props.”

The country singer was quick to respond to the naysayers and later returned to social media promising to never say sorry for his political stance or his unwavering support for his loved ones.

“I will never apologize for my beliefs or my love for my family and country,” the “If I Didn’t Love You” singer captioned an Instagram post, which showcases his silhouette against an American flag. “This is the greatest country in the world and I want to keep it that way.”

Aldean’s “unapologetic” post garnered nearly 17,000 comments.

Fellow country singer John Rich, who shares similar political views, stood up for Jason and Brittany on social media and predicted that his “sales will surge” after speaking out.

Most recently, Brittany was seen in her Instagram stories sporting a grey hoodie that reads “I Won’t Apologize For Loving America.”

Aldean is in the midst of his Back in the Saddle Tour and is preparing to release the first part of his new album, Macon, Georgia.

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