Luke Combs, Kelly Clarkson, Garth Brooks, P!nk and Lizzo

Garth Brooks Admits He Wants To Duet With Luke Combs And Praises Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Beyonce And Lizzo

Garth Brooks admits that he wants to duet with fellow country superstar Luke Combs and praises Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Beyonce and Lizzo.

On Monday, May 3, during an episode of Inside Studio G on Brooks’ Facebook page, a fan named Tracey Gibson asked the country hitmaker, “wondering if there are any artists that you would love to duet with?” Later adding, “We would love to see you do one with P!nk or Justin Timberlake.”

Brooks’ response may shock you, as he not only raved over P!nk and her defiance but also shared that he would love to duet with Luke Combs but he thinks it would be “scary to step up to the mic with Kelly Clarkson.”

I love duets. P!nk’s fantastic, I like P!nk because every time you see P!nk she’s like the sweetest thing on the planet but she’s also just tougher than you are. I like that. I think that’s what every woman loves about her, I think that’s what they love about Beyonce, I think that’s what they love about Lizzo, is they’re just defiant.” Brooks explained. “They’re not scared of anything. Adele, oh my God, what a fabulous duet partner that would be.”

Kelly Clarkson, I was on her show and got to sing with her, woah that’d be scary to step up to the mic with Kelly Clarkson because she’s just a thoroughbred right,” Brooks continued. “But when Kelly starts singing man you can be a mile off and still hear her. She’s got the pipes, so those would all be fun. I’m sitting here staring at me and Blake [Shelton] hugging, I loved my time with Blake. I’d do that again in a heartbeat. I’d do anything with Luke Combs. Just a sweet guy. So, yeah, there’s a lot of people I’d love to do duets with.”

Later in the episode, the country icon also mentioned wanting to duet with superstar Bruno Mars, however, Brooks just doesn’t think that it would make sense and admits, “I’m just not cool enough. I just couldn’t. I’m just square, white guy.”

You can watch the full Inside Studio G below.

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