Gabby Barrett Debut Album 'Goldmine'
Gabby Barrett Debut Album 'Goldmine'

Gabby Barrett Debuts Motivational New Song “Footprints On The Moon”

Gabby Barrett has debuted another new song titled “Footprints On The Moon” from her forthcoming debut album, Goldmine, ahead of the album’s June 19 release on Friday (June 12).

The motivational track was written by Barrett alongside Jon Nite and Zachary Kale, the same trio of writers who co-wrote her No. 1 single “I Hope.”

Everybody says that you can’t till you do
Standin’ there starin’ at the mirror in the room
Tell yourself, ”One more day, one more day, one more shot” (hang on)
The voices in the night, in your head, yeah they’ll beg you to quit
And they’ll tell you that it’s hard ’cause it is
But you can do anything, anything you want to
There’s footprints on the moon.

Serving as the perfect example that “you can do anything, anything you want to,” if you follow your dreams as nothing is unreachable if you continue to pursue it, as Barrett reminds fans that there are “Footprints On The Moon.” The track brings impressive guitar solos, powerful vocals and elaborates on the inspirational message that you can do anything you put your mind to and that everyone will always say you can’t till you do, you just have to prove them wrong and keep powering through whatever it may be.

Barrett says the song is an encouraging one that she would’ve like to have heard while she was in High School going through some harder times.

“I wanted to have a song on the album that was an encouraging song, just something that I would’ve liked to have heard when I was in High School or whatever the case was. It’s just an encouraging song for people to go for their dreams and really reach for the sky because the sky’s the limit. Especially if there’s footprints on the moon, literally, if somebody could walk on the moon which we never thought that would happen, you are able to work hard and achieve some great things here on Earth.,” Barrett explained about the song to Music Mayhem in a recent interview. “So that is just an encouraging song that I wish [that] I had in High School when I was going through harder times, just really grinding it out and nobody really believed in me so I just hope it’s an encouraging song that people will gravitate towards.”

Additionally, “Footprints On The Moon” also features some guitar riffs from Barrett’s husband, Cade Foehner, who also appears playing guitar on several other songs on the record and also co-wrote “Got Me.” She told us that Foehner will be “doing all the guitar” on her songs in the future, moving forward.

The song is destined to become the motivational anthem of summer 2020.

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