Tommy Vext; Photo Courtesy of Andrew Wendowski
Tommy Vext; Photo Courtesy of Andrew Wendowski

Ex-Bad Wolves’ Tommy Vext Thanks Fans For GoFundMe Success, Announces Return To The Studio For Solo Music

Ex-Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext thanked fans for supporting his GoFundMe, which allowed him to more than double his original goal, which will fund the expenses for his solo music efforts.

Following his departure from Bad Wolves, Vext shared that he will be pursuing a solo career and everyone who donates to his GoFundMe will receive a free copy of his double covers album. His covers album will feature 22 covers and none of which were recorded with any other members of his former band.

“I’m excited to start the next phase of my career, over the past year, i’ve recorded over 37 songs by myself,” Vext explained. “Due to COV*D, there was no way for the band to get together and record a record, so I worked feverishly with different artists, producers and songwriters and after 37 songs were completed, it was very clear that I had become a solo artist.”

On Friday (Jan. 15), Vext took to Instagram to thank his fans for the overwhelming success of his GoFundMe to be able to pay for studio expenses.

“You guys have raised $105,000 in three days,” Vext said emotionally on his livestream. “And 4 days ago I thought I was done, I had a massive studio bill, I had a band who I had to leave to protect, I had a record label that I had to step down from to not cause any damage to the other artists on the label.”

“I just don’t even know how to express the level of gratitude, thank you, I don’t want to quit music, I don’t want to throw it away. It’s something I love, it makes my life worth living,” Vext shared. “You guys stood up, I always talk about real sh-t, I always say exactly what it is and if people don’t like it that’s okay… It’s been an emotional couple of days, I’ve been on the phones for the past couple of days with several other artists who are cancelled and it’s my intention that I’m going to keep this thing going and if it goes to a certain level, I may start my own record label and may start signing people and we’re going to do things a different way. I really appreciate it.”

See his full message of gratitude below.

On Monday (Jan. 18), Vext revealed that he will be returning to the studio on Tuesday to begin working on his new solo material.

“Super excited to get back in the studio on Tuesday and get to work on all this new material. Thank you guys all for supporting me and saying a big fuck you to cancel culture. To help my efforts to start my own label and release new records please check the link in my bio. Even 1$ donation will get you an album. Thank you for continuing to support me & any other artists standing up for their 1st amendment rights,” Vext captioned a recent Instagram post. “Take care of yourselves & take care of each other.”

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