Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson And Kelly Clarkson; Photo Courtesy of NBC
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson And Kelly Clarkson; Photo Courtesy of NBC

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Accepts Kelly Clarkson’s Country Duet Invite By Singing Popular Dolly Parton Hit

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson returned to The Kelly Clarkson Show on Monday (Feb. 15) to promote his NBC sitcom, Young Rock.

During the show Johnson and host Kelly Clarkson discussed his recently launched tequila brand (Teremana), his sitcom show and while talking about the show Johnson brought up Music City. Which prompted Clarkson to ask him about his aspirations to become a country music singer, in which he revealed that he did at one point want to pursue country music.

“You had country music star like ambitions, you wanted to be a country singer and I had no idea,” Clarkson asked.

“I did! As wild as that sounds, and you’ll appreciate this obviously cause your love for music and certainly country music too,” Johnson revealed to Clarkson. “I grew up loving blues, hip-hop of course but then country but traditional like that three chords and the truth, steel guitar kind of country.”

Johnson explained that when he got to Nashville he started hanging on Broadway, as he had no friends because so many people thought he was an uncover cop. But that didn’t stop his love for country music, and one day he found himself in the middle of a grocery store aisle belting out a song that was on the radio.

“I was at a grocery store and I was shopping and when I say shopping I was doing a little five finger discount at that time because I couldn’t afford anything and I was in the middle of the row in a shopping aisle and I was belting out this song, not caring who was listening to me,” Johnson explained. “Then, a woman comes around the corner and she sticks her head around the corner, she looks and I stopped singing, she looks at me, her eyes goes wide an she’s like ‘wow I did not expect to see someone who looks like you singing that song.’ And I said ‘oh thank you,’ then we had this chat and she was like ‘so clearly you should go down to Broadway cause that’s where all the country singers are.’ I didn’t tell her I was 15 and had no business being in a bar at that time, but then I went down there to Broadway and I used to hang out down there and listen to all the acts and I did have it in my mind that I was gonna become a country music singer.”

However, Johnson says that he realized that “singing keys that don’t exist might not be of good value.”

“No, you can’t say that, you’re so full of it, you were great in Moana, I was like what, I had no idea.” Clarkson then gushed. “So, then when I found out the country thing, I was like oh and he married and singer/songwriter, this is all starting to make sense of where your career is headed.”

Following that discussion, Clarkson invited Johnson and his wife to sing on the show as she says “we sing on this show a lot, so i’m just saying if you and you wife just stop by, and like we should all sing together sometime.”

“We got too, Let’s do it, i’m down! Let’s do a duet!” Johnson replied before Clarkson quickly added, “I’m down!”

Johnson then began to sing the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers‘ duet “Islands In The Stream,” which Clarkson joked “The only time i’ve sang that song is drunk at a karaoke bar, I don’t think I ever sang that song sober.”

Watch the full interview and duet invite below.

The Rock previously appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show back in September 2019, when he was filling in for comedian Kevin Hart.

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