Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan; Photos Courtesy of YouTube
Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan; Photos Courtesy of YouTube

Blake Shelton Reacts To Luke Bryan’s Underwear Commercial: “It Is Disgusting, But Not Surprising”

Blake Shelton reacted to Luke Bryan’s Jockey underwear commercial with some hilarious commentary.

In an interview with Cody Alan, Shelton shared his honest opinion on the thought of Luke Bryan in underwear and if disgusts him. The “Minimum Wage” singer wasted to time to reply to Alan saying “well, it is disgusting, but it’s not surprising.”

“Luke just seems like one of those guys that walks around his house in his underwear all day with pee stains on them,” Shelton added. “He just seems like that kind of guy, doesn’t he? If he doesn’t have to put clothes on, he probably doesn’t.”

Alan later added that Bryan’s wife Caroline also appeared in the clip with him, which prompted a hilarious response from Shelton.

“Caroline in her underwear doesn’t sound as disgusting to me, that’s just me, though,” Shelton said jokingly, before the CMT host began laughing as he replied, “I’m gay and it sounds better to me!”

Bryan and his wife Caroline are the current brand ambassadors for the Jockey apparel company and have appeared in several of the company’s recent commercials and in their online promotional material.

Shelton is an underwear commercial aficionado as he was previously an ambassador for Gildan and appeared in several of their underwear commercials back in 2015.

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