Dustin Lynch Lives Up To His Party Mode Mantra On Tour, Shares Drink Recipe For ‘Dickeldrop’

Country star Dustin Lynch is elevating his “Party Mode” mantra by partnering with George Dickel Bourbon again, just in time for his headlining tour. Growing up on top of the hill that was right above the Cascade Hollow distilling company…


Madeleine O'Connell


Posted on April 25, 2022

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Dustin Lynch; Photo By Andrew Wendowski

Country star Dustin Lynch is elevating his “Party Mode” mantra by partnering with George Dickel Bourbon again, just in time for his headlining tour.

Growing up on top of the hill that was right above the Cascade Hollow distilling company in Tullahoma, Tennessee, it just made sense for Lynch to work with the company. Since he lived in such a close proximity and heard about the George Dickel brand often, he’s pretty familiar with it, making the collaboration even more special for the platinum singer-songwriter.

“I remember at a young age seeing them partner with different country artists and I always thought that’d be really cool to come back if my music took off to a level where they’d be interested in having me on board,” he told Music Mayhem.


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Of course, to this day, Dickel is still the bourbon of choice for the “Thinking ‘Bout You” singer because it reminds him of the place and the people that raised him.

“To have them out on tour with us is just awesome. It’s like I can bring a piece of my hometown everywhere I go,” Lynch said.

The year is off to a great start for Lynch with his new music releases and renewed partnership with George Dickel. In February, he dropped his highly-anticipated album, Blue In The Sky, and followed his new album with the announcement of his Party Mode tour. The tour kicked off last month and is currently set to continue through the Spring. Of course, once the weather warms up, Lynch will need a cocktail to keep him feeling refreshed on the road. Lynch happily shared something called a “dickeldrop,” which is a combination of “Sun Drop and George Dickel,” he explained. 

Besides the great drinks that will come of this tour, there’s so much more that he and his band have been waiting to experience in person again. 

“We’ve missed the energy, we’ve missed our fans, we’ve been doing this long enough to when we’re on the stage, we see familiar faces; guys and girls that have been there for years and years supporting use,” he added. “So it’s great to go back and start seeing familiar faces that we’ve missed and just that connection we have with our fan base and the people who spend their hard-earned money on tickets to show up and to have fun with us.”

“It’s all about forgetting the craziness of this world, which there’s a lot of that going on right now,” he continued. “And just living in the moment, I think that’s what’s special about live music in general, but definitely the Party Mode tour. It’s nothing but fun, that’s all we’re trying to do is make sure everybody is there and having fun with us the whole ride through.”

This isn’t the first time he’s brought Dickel out on the road with him. In fact, he shared that he and his band have spent years partying and just having fun as they traveled quite literally all around the world with “George Dickel in hand.” For the past few years, they have had to take a hiatus from their time on the road, like everyone else in the music industry. Now, they are back and feeling as determined as ever to keep the good vibes going at their shows. 

“Something that didn’t really get to happen in the last two years is us being able to play new music and see a response from fans. These recent releases are just about hoping people like it whenever you can get out there and play them live and see that connection. Songs just feel different when you’re on stage performing them for somebody. That connection is made and I think it helps us steer where we go next with the next music we create. I’m always taking notes on what songs feel like to me and feel like in the room or outside if we’re playing an outdoor show…that usually steers the ship on how we release music and what we record next.”

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Luckily, he was still able to write, record and release music while he was stuck at home for two years, but the lack of interaction that is normally has with fans made it more difficult to decide which songs they enjoyed the most. Being back out on the road means that Lynch is once again able to hear fans singing his songs right back to him in person from the packed crowds that around his stage. This combined with the numerous messages that he receives allows him to confidently say which song is the fan-favorite off his latest project.

“The track off the album that everyone’s really bouncing for right now and I know this because I get the most messages about it on social media, is ‘Party Mode,’” he revealed. “It seems like it’s an earworm that not only our fan base that can attend our shows is loving, but their kids are annoying the crap out of them with. Sorry in advance for this summer’s kid smash, but I think it’s gonna be “Party Mode” and I’m okay with that.”

Lynch is bringing along up-and-coming country artist Sean Stemaly with him on the Party Mode tour, which started off last month in New Braunfels, TX and has already sold out several dates. He and his crew plan to stay on the road through May 15, when they will reach their expected final destination in Avila Beach, California. 

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