Dierks Bentley Says Carson Peters “Could Be A Big Superstar” After Cover Of Country Hit On ‘The Voice’

NBC’s The Voice returned on Monday evening with another round of Battles and Team Blake’s Carson Peters and Clint Sherman went head-to-head with a Vince Gill cover. Prior to taking the stage to perform Gill’s “Don’t Let Our Love Start…


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Posted on October 18, 2021

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NBC’s The Voice returned on Monday evening with another round of Battles and Team Blake’s Carson Peters and Clint Sherman went head-to-head with a Vince Gill cover.

Prior to taking the stage to perform Gill’s “Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away,“ the contestants had a chance to sit down with their coach, Blake Shelton, and his battle advisor, fellow country superstar Dierks Bentley to soak up a bit of performance knowledge.

Peters, 17, was absolutely thrilled over the opportunity to work with two of his heroes.

“Two of the guys I look up to the most in the country genre, for sure,” Peters gushed.

Bentley complimented Sherman’s blind audition and went on to praise his vocals.

“Carson, your voice man is reminding me so much of the people who I love in country and bluegrass music,” Bentley applauded. “Really unique and you got the same haircut that my son Knox has that strong flow it looks good!”

As for the song choice, Shelton and Bentley both agreed that it was the perfect fit for Peters and Sherman.

“The song lands in the middle of both you guys,” Shelton said.

“So cool of y’all to do this song, too. Love this song! I was asked earlier if I had a big break, and it was Vince in a really odd kind of way,” Bentley recalled. “I was playing a bar on Lower Broadway, [in] Nashville, Tennessee. One night, Vince walked in with Amy Grant and I stood on stage for an hour and twenty-two minutes, I timed it. It gave me the confidence to keep on, you know, Vince Gill sang with me. You know, I said alright I’m getting somewhere.”

Prior to taking the stage, both contestants earned praise from Shelton and Bentley.

“It’s the kind of voice that if you walk into a bar, and he’s playing, you’re instantly going to be taken by what he’s doing on stage. There’s something really special about that,” Shelton said of Sherman’s voice.

“Carson could be a big superstar,” Bentley said of Peters. “His voice, he’s got the bluegrass stuff, and it has the country stuff, but it almost has like an element of an Elvis, kind of harder edged tone happening.”

“I’m impressed at what you kids are doing at your ages,” Bentley added.

While strumming acoustic guitars, Peters and Sherman battled it out for a spot in the knockout round. Their performance thoroughly impressed the coaches panel.

“I love this!” Ariana Grande said. “That was one of my favorite performances so far, I loved that so much.”

“You both sound so good, I think based on the fact that you’re 17, I can’t believe you’re 17, I think I would lean in Carson’s direction,” Grande added.

While Legend enjoyed both performances, he admitted he thought that Sherman had the edge over Peters.

“I loved Carson in the blinds, I turned for him and I think he’s a fantastic talent,” Legend gushed. “Fun to watch, electric energy, but Clint you were so confident, your tone sounded so rich and powerful. You shocked me, man. I felt like you won this battle.”

Kelly Clarkson compared Peters to a “country Patrick Swayze” as she admitted she was wowed by his performance.

“I think you’re an incredibly gifted talent, and you have a really cool rasp, and you have a really cool voice, but to me Clint, you did a really great job,” Clarkson said. “Your tone was really good, your notes were really good. You’re the shocker for me.”

Shelton was left with a difficult decision.

“People don’t normally cover Vince Gill songs, you know, that’s kind of one that you avoid,” the Oklahoma native said. “Thank you guys for working so hard on this thing. Clint has the soulful R&B type sound to his voice that he blends with country music, you know with his vibrato and stuff.”

“Maybe that’s why he stood out, because Vince has that,” Clarkson chimed in.

“Vince also has the bluegrass stuff, you know,” Shelton replied. “Carson, it kind of brought out more of a rock edge that I didn’t expect. I figured it’d be more down the middle of Vince Gill and found out that whole other different sound that Carson has that he implemented into the song. I saw two totally different things then I thought that I would, and I loved both of them. You guys stepped up to the plate and did it. Thank you, great job!”

While both contestants put forth their best effort, only one could move in the competition.

“Winner of this battle is Carson,” Shelton declared.

It was the end of the road for Clint Sherman.

“I just feel like Carson had the edge, he’s just got a few different gears he can go to,” Shelton said as he advanced the contestant to the Knockout Rounds. “Carson’s only 17-years-old and as a coach that’s very exciting. Also, we haven’t yet heard him play fiddle, I can’t wait for that.”

Carson Peters initially wowed fans and The Voice coaches alike with his blind audition, where he performed Don Williams’ “Tulsa Time.” He earned a four-chair turn and ultimately made the decision to join Team Blake.

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