Chris Lane, Lauren Bushnell Lane & Son Dutton Lane; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Chris Lane, Lauren Bushnell Lane & Son Dutton Lane; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Chris Lane Reveals He Cried His Eyes Out The Day His Son Dutton Walker Was Born

Country artist Chris Lane had some “Big, Big, Plans” for his life, which didn’t originally include having a kid or even getting married. Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect them to, and that’s exactly what happened when Lane met The Bachelor album, Lauren Bushnell Lane in 2015, who ended up changing his life in so many ways.

“I never wanted kids,” Lane admitted to Entertainment Tonight. “I honestly never wanted to get married. None of that.”

After Lauren came along, Lane realized that he did in fact want both a wife and kids. It just took awhile for him to come to that conclusion. Now that he has, he wouldn’t change a thing.

Chris Lane and son Dutton Lane; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Chris Lane and son Dutton Lane; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Lauren and the “Fill Them Boots” singer got married in October 2019 and just two years later their family grew as they welcomed their son Dutton Walker Lane in June. According to Lane who doesn’t label himself as a crier, the day was filled with unexpected emotions.

“I feel like when you meet somebody that makes you want to change your mindset and then makes you want that …,” said Lane before explaining that there’s something he’s never admitted before. “Actually, the day [Dutton] was born, and I haven’t told anybody this, but I cried my eyes out, because I felt like I was praying, just, ‘Lord, thank you so much for not listening to me for all those years that I said I never wanted that.’ I wouldn’t have known what I was missing out on, and it’s truly the best thing in the world.”

Their 7-month-old son was admittedly named after one of the main characters John Dutton, portrayed by Kevin Costner in the popular TV series, Yellowstone. Lane went on to share that there is talk about having more kids in the future, hoping to grant Lauren’s wish of having a baby girl at some point. Sticking with the theme of Yellowstone characters, maybe their future daughter will be named Beth, after Beth Dutton played by Kelly Reilly.

“I know Lauren wants a little girl eventually,” he said. “So I want that for her. I prayed hard for a little boy, and I have that. So, now I want what she wants.” 

Last month Lane shared on social media that Dutton is already showing off his musical talents, following in his dad’s footsteps. “Dutty Buddy already singing” he captioned the adorable video of him playing the guitar for his little boy who sang along in his own baby language.

Currently, he is in the midst of his headlining Fill Them Boots Tour and is gearing up to release a new single “Howdy,” which he also talked about with Entertainment Tonight

“I’ve got one coming out in a couple of weeks, the play on words is a ‘how’d ever let you go,’ ‘how’d he ever walk away,’ kind of thing,” Lane explained of the new track. He may not understand how anyone could have wanted to end things with Lauren, but he sure is lucky that they did because they got to meet and fall in love with each other because of it. 

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