Nashville newcomer, Chase Matthew went from being an ATV mechanic to a viral sensation.

Matthew has been writing music since he was only 12 years old and just like the title track off his debut album, Matthew knows that this is the life he was meant to live; he was “Born For This.” The inspiration for this album stems from advice that his father gave him at a time when he thought a music career might not be in the cards for his future. Luckily, he has always had the support from his family to keep pursing his dreams.

His dad was the one that encouraged him to audition for a Music Academy in Nashville. Although Matthew didn’t make the cut for this school, he received something even better. His dad said, “Son, you were “Born For This”. Not only did this give Matthew a title for a new single and a debut album, but it’s something he can carry in the back of his mind for when life gets tough.

In partnership with ONErpm, Matthew was signed as the first artist under Holler Boy Records, which launched summer of 2021 by independent country artist Ryan Upchurch. These two artists are both Nashville natives, but they didn’t connect until Matthew dropped his song, “Nashville Crazy” with the line “with Upchurch on the radio bumpin.” This prompted Upchurch to reach out and thus, a friendship was born. It was “a benchmark moment,” Matthew revealed exclusively to Music Mayhem. This record deal was exactly what the “We Had It Good” singer needed to launch his career.

Born For This debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Country chart, and his confident response to this news is, “We are just getting started.” Among the 12 tracks on this record are collaborations with Kidd G and Hayden Coffman, two artists that Matthew considers “good friends.” This album follows Matthew’s six-song EP, County Line, which features his self-penned debut single.

When it comes to reaching for his dreams, Matthew is following God’s path and putting faith in the knowledge that things will happen when the timing is right. He has a lot of goals for his career, including playing in the historic circle of the Grand Ole Opry. At this point, Matthew isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. He’s learning and growing each step of the way and just as his father did for him, he wants to share his own words of wisdom to all the other artists who may be looking up to him or already in the same position. 

“If I can do it. You can do it,” he stated. “I dropped out of high school. No Education. No college diploma. I’ve lost everything and still kept pushing. DON’T give up! Trust God’s plan even when it isn’t what you think you need. His plan is better than anything you could ever imagine. Trust him and he will give you favor!”

Chase Matthew recently sat down with Music Mayhem to give insight on his transition into touring, his debut album, dream duet partners, and more.

Continue reading to learn more about everything Matthew has been up to.

Who is Chase Matthew? Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a 24-year-old Nashville Native. I’ve been writing music since I was 12 and producing since I was 15. I’m very blessed to have the upbringing and influence I’ve had in my life.

Over the past year or so, you have gone from playing local dive bars to playing headlining shows and touring in a bus now, does it all feel like such a whirlwind and dream come true?

It’s definitely overwhelming but I truly believe I’m supposed to be here: it happened fast but I’ve worked hard for this. It’s been a long time coming. I definitely never thought I’d be here this fast though!

Did you ever think just a few years ago when you were an ATV mechanic that you would’ve gone viral and would be touring the world playing sold out shows?

Again, I knew it would happen eventually but it definitely happened a lot sooner than expected! This is my purpose.

You recently dropped your debut album, Could you tell us the story behind its title track, ‘Born For This’?

“Born For This” talks a lot about all the gifts I plan on giving my family members that gave me such a musical inspiration. It also talks about my journey through life and all of the sacrifices and losses that made me work harder. Everybody was Born For Something AMAZING. It just took me giving it to god for him to show me.

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“Son you were born for this,” is a lyric of your song, is that something your dad has always said to you?

Yes. My dad has played a huge role in my musical lifestyle. He has always supported my music ideas. I remember a time that I auditioned to go to a Music Academy in Nashville. Sadly, I didn’t make it into the school, but my dad told me something that stuck with me. I was sitting there discouraged in the passenger side of our 2004 dodge caravan and dad told me something I’ll never forget. “Son, you were “Born For This”. Which went on to become the name of my most recent album.

Talking about “Born For This,” you released a music video of the track, which shows old family footage of you and such, could you tell us why it was important to you to incorporate and tribute your family within the video?

My family has always been blessed. We have always been grateful with what god has provided us. However, we have all experienced the “short end of the stick”. My family is tight. We all care about each other and we always have each other’s back. I love my family and they know me better than anybody. They have seen my growth and they know my story. I wouldn’t have anything to stand on without them. They deserve all of the recognition!

Your album debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Country chart, what was going through your mind when you seen that?

“We are just getting started” plain and simple. This is just a preparation year for everything coming in the future! We are going big or going home. No In between!

Of the album’s 12 tracks, what song would you say is the most meaningful to you, and what inspired the song?

I really enjoy “We Had It Good”. This was a solo write by myself. I wrote it about real feelings and events that everyone has experienced. We have all felt taken advantage of. I wrote it about a time when I gave a relationship too many chances. I was tired of being the only backbone and depending on someone who clearly didn’t care enough. You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

You have two duets on the project, one with Kidd G and another with Hayden Coffman, how did these duets come about?

Kidd And Hayden are good friends of mine and we kick it enough that we bounce ideas off of each other. I had this idea about undeniable love and I ran it by Kidd G. He immediately hopped on the record and “Can’t Hide Love” had been a hit ever since!  Hayden and I sat down with my great friend and phenomenal writer Will Pattat and wrote “Raised in the Holler” about our upbringing and being proud of your roots! “I’m a damn proud southern man!”

How would you describe this project as a whole?

A great body of work all the way around. Tear-jerkers. Heart breaks. Gospel and hope that we all need. I’d recommend everyone to listen to the whole project at least once. 

You are signed with Ryan Upchurch’s Holler Boy Records, how did you and Upchurch form a friendship which ultimately ended up with him launching a label and signing you?

Ryan and I are both from this area and he’s been a great inspiration in my life and a perfect example of defying the odds. I dropped a song called “Nashville Crazy” a few years ago and I mentioned “with Upchurch on the radio bumpin” in my writing process. He heard the song and shouted me out. It was a benchmark moment for both of us. We hung out a few times between then and now and talking about our careers. I told him about my big plan of leveling up and he did not hesitate to help me. I’m forever grateful of him.

What would you say is the best piece of advice that Upchurch has offered you so far along the journey?

“Don’t listen to the haters. Make them love you.”

How would you say you have grown as an artist and person since the release of your single “Nashville Crazy”? 

I’ve learned so much and made some many connections. I’m just glad I put out “Nashville Crazy”. It all started there. 

How would you say your album Born For This differs from your County Line EP?

Born For This is a little less” metal rock n roll”. A little more traditional country. I will always have love for the County Line EP but I feel that our country music listeners need this project and I can’t wait to see the growth it has!

Do you have aspirations to one day play the famed Grand Ole Opry in Nashville?

God has a plan. I’m speaking it into existence now. Someday I WILL play the Opry. I’m a native from Nashville. I’ve worked hard for it. Sooner or later in God’s timing it will become real.

One thing we truly appreciate about you is that you do this because you truly love it and want to help inspire others to do the same. Would you say you are living proof that dreams do come true? And what would you say to someone out there who is looking to pursue their dream?

If I can do it. You can do it. I dropped out of high school. No Education. No college diploma. I’ve lost everything and still kept pushing. DON’T give up! Trust God’s plan even when it isn’t what you think you need. His plan is better than anything you could ever imagine. Trust him and he will give you favor!

Let’s end with a fun one, who would be your dream duet in country genre and all genre and why?

Jason Aldean would be a dream come true. Hanson would be an insane collaboration. Hanson was the first CD I ever had. “Middle Of Nowhere” was an iconic album in my upbringing! Someday.

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