Carly Pearce; Photo by Alexa Campbell
Carly Pearce; Photo by Alexa Campbell

Carly Pearce Warns She Will Put On Blast Whoever Stole Two Signs That Honor Her In Kentucky

Carly Pearce is “pissed” that someone stole two signs in her hometown that honored her for putting her hometown on the map.

The country superstar and “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” singer spoke out on two signs honoring her in her hometown of Taylor Mill, Kentucky, that were recently stolen. The Kentucky native is not happy with whomever stole the signs, and she says when she finds out who did it, she is going to put them on blast.

While talking to 92.5 XTU about her latest project, 29: Written In Stone, she shared her upset about the stolen signs, admitting that she is “pissed.” 

“It makes me want to say the F word (laughs),” Pearce admitted to the Philadelphia-based radio station. “Wow! I didn’t know that the other one was stolen as well. You know, it honestly pisses me off, if I’m completely honest with everyone. If this is a superfan and I hope that they hear this, just DM me that you want freakin’ tickets to a show.”

Pearce added, “My town spent so much time and money to honor me in this way, and people are now not really affecting me, they’re affecting my town, and I am pissed.”

The country hitmaker also warns that when she finds out who committed this crime in her hometown, she will be putting them on blast, but she will also give them tickets to a show and if necessary a very large photo of herself for their bedroom.

“If I ever figure out who did this, I will put them on blast because it is wrong. I will give you the tickets,” Pearce said. “I will give you a large photo of me for your bedroom if that’s what you need. But don’t steal from my damn hometown. I’m getting mad.”

The Grand Ole Opry member was recently honored in her hometown of Taylor Mill, KY with two signs and the key to the city earlier this month.

Pearce returned home to Kentucky on September 2, where Mayor Daniel Bell and the city commission hosted a special ceremony at Pride Park, giving the country superstar a key to the city and unveiling signage that reads: Welcome to Taylor Mill, Hometown of Country Music Star, Carly Pearce.

“We are happy to be able to bring our residents and city officials together with Carly to celebrate the success she has achieved, especially becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Carly has always taken pride in being a native of Taylor Mill, and we are delighted to be able to honor Carly and let her know that she has made her hometown proud,” Mayor Bell expressed.

“Coming home is always so special, but to be embraced by my community in such a big way is overwhelming,” Pearce shared. “This is where my love of Country music began, and I’m so grateful and proud Taylor Mill, Kentucky is my hometown.”

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