BRING ME THE HORIZON brings the hooligans with them on The American Dream Tour 2014!

BMTH, OFM&M, ISSUES, NORTHLANE, Philadelphia The American Dream Tour 2014The American Dream Tour made its stop into very cold & rainy Philadelphia PA on March 2nd 2014 at the SOLDOUT show at The Electric Factory. As doors opened fans piled into The Electric Factory running towards the stage in Hopes to snag a front & center spot for the show which was kind of impossible being that it was a SOLDOUT crowd of 2500+ people. The First band of the night was NORTHLANE, who started the crazy night off with an amazing high energy set & got the crowd moving & off their feet for their 30 minute set. Next band up was Issues, Who never fails to put on an amazing performance their sound is so unique with amazing screaming vocals from Michael Bohn & clean vocals from Tyler Carter. They started their set out with one of their new hit songs “Stingray Affliction” & ending their very colorful set with “Hooligans” another one of their hit songs. As the lights dimmed & the stage lit up with the entrance of Of Mice & Men, The crowd off their feet cheering with excitement to see Austin Carlile & the guys of Of Mice & Men. Being the main support Of Mice & Men had a huge job to do & that was to get the crowd moving & ready for Bring Me The Horizon who was up next. They played songs old & new from their new album “Restoring Force”. Which all the fans were singing at the top of their lungs to every single song they sang. Their very high energy performance unfortuanatly had to come to an end for the headliner of the tour BRING ME THE HORIZON! Bring Me The Horizon Entered the brightly blue lights lit stage with their song “Can You Feel My Heart”, which the entire crowd then began moshing, moving, jumping with excitement for BMTH set as they dont tour in America often. Their entire set was brightly lit with different shades of blue lights making for some awesome crowd shots of the band. Oli Sykes used all of the energy he could to keep the crowd moving, by saying “Jump Jump Jump DONT STOP!” with then the music of “Go To Hell, For Heaven Sake”. If he wasnt headbanging or jumping he was getting the crowd to move. Oli Then screamed “I wanna give a high five to each & everyone one of you, all you gotta do is get the fuck up here” demanding for the crowd to crowd surf their way to the front to high five him. You then hear the crowd chants of “Middle Fingers up if you dont give a fuck” as their music to “Antivist” filled the venue. After that song they exited the stage & it went dark. The crowd then chanting for ONE MORE SONG, which the lights dimmed & the stage lit up with Oli Sykes & the guys of Bring Me The Horizon entered back onto the stage for their FINAL song of the night “Sleepwalking” Where an explosion of silver confetti also known as a glitter bomb filled the electric factory covering the crowd in silver confetti.  Bring Me The Horizon is a band you definitley wanna go out & see live. Actually all of the bands on The American Dream Tour are worth going out and seeing their live sets as their all amazing bands with very high energy shows & very supportive fans.                                                                          

Review & Photos By: Andrew Wendowski 

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