Brett Young And His Wife Taylor Are Excited To Celebrate Christmas With Their Daughter Presley This Year

Brett Young and his wife Taylor are very excited for this year’s Christmas as their daughter Presley will be 14-months-old, which means she will be more aware of what’s going on than she was during her first Christmas.

Young says that she was still “a little too young” and that they tried to make it a “bigger thing than it was possible to be” last year. As last Christmas “she was only, you know a month and a half old, two months exactly, actually.”

The couple was very excited to buy Presley her first Christmas gifts and make the milestone holiday very special for her last year, it was more for their sake than anything as Young says “it’s like we’re buying her presents that she doesn’t know she’s getting, so it was interesting.”

Young says she was more interesting in eating than she was in the gifts.

“We tried to force it on her and she was like, ‘Yeah, whatever.  Just feed me,'” Young explained.

Although, Presley is still too young to fully understand what is going on, she will still have lots of adorable photos and memories to look back on when she is older.

The superstar is set to release his rendition of the popular Christmas tune “Silver Bells” on Friday, December 11.

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