Blake Shelton And Morgan Wallen; Photos Courtesy of YouTube
Blake Shelton And Morgan Wallen; Photos Courtesy of YouTube

Blake Shelton Jokes That Morgan Wallen’s Mullet Is “Pretty Weak”

Blake Shelton joked that Morgan Wallen’s mullet is “pretty weak.”

In a recent interview with 100.3 The Wolf, Shelton was asked to rate Wallen’s mullet and his answer was hilarious.

“On a scale of one to ten though Blake, what would you give Morgan Wallen’s mullet since you had it first,” Opie And Carina of 100.3 The Wolf asked Shelton.

“It’s pretty weak,” Shelton joked.Ā “His mullet is kind of like a bob haircut, you know. I want to see it get down to about the middle of his back like me and Tracy Lawrence, and there was a bunch of us, Toby Keith even had some kind of a weird mullet back then, I want to see length on that thing.”

Listen to the interview below.

Back in the 1990s, Blake Shelton was known for having one of the most impressive mullets in country music but has since gotten rid of his signature mullet look and now dons a clean cut wavy hairstyle. However, the “Minimum Wage” singer says that he wishes that he could go back to rockin’ a mullet once again.

Now, In a recent interview with The Bobby Bones Show, Shelton revealed that he is “a little jealous” that he doesn’t have a mullet still but he says that he isn’t physically fit enough to have one as he says he has come to realization that you “can’t be fat and have a mullet.” The “Happy Anywhere” singer then gushed over Morgan Wallen saying “he’s a good looking guy and he’s in shape” and is able to really rock his mullet and fans love it.

ā€œYeah, well, hereā€™s how I feel about it because Iā€™m a little jealous. Uh, and thatā€™s being honest. I am a little jealous that I donā€™t have the mullet. But, hereā€™s what Iā€™ve found is you know, you look at like, Morgan Wallen. Heā€™s a good looking guy. And, heā€™s in shape.ā€

Shelton continued to say, ā€œand when I tried growing my mullet out this last year during the quarantine time, I realized that for me you canā€™t be fat and have a mullet. Like, it has to be,ā€¦ you know what I mean? In order to get away with it, you have to have something else going for you. And you know, back in the day when I had one, man I was skinny and thatā€™s not how it is anymore. So if Iā€™m going to have to have the mullet, I have got to lose 150 pounds.ā€

Watch the full interview with Bones below.

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