Blake Shelton “Absolutely Blown Away” By Connor Christian’s Impressive Gary Clark Jr. Cover On ‘The Voice’

Meet Connor Christian, a 23-year-old Ohio native who truly impressed The Voice coaches with a rockin’ cover Gary Clark Jr’s “Bright Lights.”

Christian’s rockin’ cover of Gary Clark Jr. earned him a three chair turn including by coaches Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas and Kelly Clarkson. The coaches applauded his vocals and impressive stage presence, as he not only showcased his raspy vocal range but he also gave an energy-filled performance while playing electric guitar.

“Oh my God that energy, I need some of that. I love it, it was a blues bar kind of vibe,” Clarkson said. “I love your tone, the rasp in it. you’re in a lane all by yourself man and I would love to be your coach.”

“Connor, oh my God dude, I’m pumped right now, we have people who come up here and sing rock and then we have people that come up here and just rock and that’s what you just did,” Shelton shared. “Complete control of the stage, you could tell that the band was completely invested. I am absolutely blown away at your talent dude, and I’m glad I turned around when I did, so I could actually watch you play the guitar and sing. Unbelievable dude, I would be so proud and honored to be your coach.” 

“I was over there jammin’ because I know that song and I love that song,” Legend added. “My only worry was if there’s a lot of space in the song. You know switching between you singing and then the band riffing.”

“Connor, I loved your performance, I don’t have anyone like you on my team and I’ve been saying from the very beginning, I want to find a very eclectic group who are connected emotionally,” Jonas said. “I would love the chance to get to coach you, we could blast music and just figure out exactly where you want to go in this competition. But if we get this right, you could go a long way.”

Christian was forced with the difficult decision to choose between Clarkson, Shelton and Legend, which he ended up choosing Shelton as his coach.

“I always love having a rock artist on my team,” Shelton added. “They have a wide open lane and I’ve won this show with a rock artist on my team and I think we can do it again.”

Watch his full audition below.

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