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BEYONCE brought her sold out FORMATION WORLD TOUR to Philadelphia for the second time lastnight, since June 5th, 2016. The Formation Tour which was named after the lead single to her righteously resentful and musically empowered new album, Lemonade. The album is filled with empowering anthems that she performed throughout the evening even recontextualizing her discography to fit the theme and narrative of The Formation Tour. On the Formation Tour, Beyonce brings Lemonade to life also blending in songs throughout her entire discography. Queen Bey embarking on her biggest, most ambitious tour yet, booking stadiums for the first time as a solo act and selling out nearly the entire tour rapidly, making for a massive success. Rising onto the stage into a heavy fog for a very creative yet powerful entrance to the stage as she performed the lead single from Lemonade, “Formation.” Commanding the crowd also known as the Beyhive to scream “I SLAY!” after she stated “If you know exactly who you are and where you’re going and know where you came from say ‘I Slay!’.” Beyonce and her dancers perfectly in sync throughout the entire night but most noticeable during their intro as the danced to the beat of “Formation” nodding their heads with Beyonce’s custom made hats. One of Lemonade’s most addictive but bitterest songs, “Sorry”, which is based around her husband Jay Z’s alleged infidelity, concluding with the now infamous line: “You better call Becky with the good hair.” This song also currently flooding the radio stations in our area constantly, showing this song was a massively successful hit. The entire evening was telling a story which flowed perfectly with each song with it’s own fitting outfit, dance routine, and filled with emotion and raw energy. Queen Bey then taking a few moments before introducing a song from her first solo album, which was 2003’s Dangerously In Love called “Me Myself & I.” The pop diva was projected 80 feet high on the eye-popping, jaw-dropping, revolving, LED monolith which dominated the stage throughout the night even at one point having a piece of the LED screen open up revealing Beyonce and her dancers dancing with mirrored doors making for a mind-blowing wow moment as she mesmerized the beyhive with their dance moves. Beyonce’s stage setup was more then anyone could’ve expected, however Queen Bey known how to demand your attention and keep it grasp on her until the show ends and she exits the stage. The stage and production on the Formation Tour is next level, One of the greatest stage setups I have ever seen on any tour ever. Complete with a B stage, Catwalk, the Monolith LED Screen, Pyro, Fireworks, a wall of lights which beautifully lit Beyonce matching the emotion of each song, and even filling with water for her last three songs including “Halo,” “Freedom,” Destiny’s Child hit “Survivor” and “End Of Time.” Beyonce promoting self-empowerment throughout her entire set, telling fans to be who they are and do not let anyone stop them. 70,000 fans sang ‘Love On Top’ simultaneously as Beyoncé ad libbed a capella over the soulful number. It was a stunning moment amongst the high energy set, and one which showcased the sheer might of Beyoncé’s following from starting as a Destiny’s Child band member 19 years ago, to a superstar who will go down as one of the greats. Beyonce performing a 100% flawless set in the down pouring rain, not allowing the rain to stop or delay her show. The rain added a cool unique effect which made her show that much cooler to watch. Beyonce’s Setlist was a beautiful blend of all Queen Bey’s discography including songs from Destiny’s Child. This 2 hour show was so extraordinary and attention grasping that it felt as it was only 15 minutes. Beyonce is a legend in music, she is definitley one of the best performers you will ever see live, she loves giving her fans the love they give her and she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She will keep rising to the top with her beautiful vocals, unique lyrics, and by blowing the minds of millions at her shows. Beyonce is a performer, mom, wife, and an incredible person and is truly appreciative for her fans support and it shines brightly in her music and tours as she gives her all. Pick up her latest album, Lemonade & get tickets to the remaining dates of The Formation Tour.
Huge thank you to Parkwood Entertainment for the photos and for allowing us to review this pop diva’s show!


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