August Burns Red debut animated “Identity” music video

August Burns Red have debuted an animated music video for their song, “Identity.” The track is culled from ABR’s latest studio album, Found In Far Away Places,  which debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. 

“This video is a mixed media piece using custom designed illustrations combined with live action footage,” explains Russ. “All of the outlines were hand drawn (by Mike Cortada) custom for this video. Then, using a light box, the outlines were then painted over on watercolor paper, combined digitally and composited into the video. In the guitar solo section there was a combined frame-by-frame animation technique.  Each frame was printed (over 300) onto watercolor paper, JB was painted over by hand (By Brian Fahey), then the paintings were scanned back into photoshop, stabilized to the original footage, and then exported as a image sequence to get the final video. All water color textures, colors, and fills were all hand painted as well. Everything was an extremely tedious process, but what we have is a completely custom video created specifically for ‘Identity’.” 

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