Andrew Reed & the Liberation Release Music Video for “Strangers”

After more than a year of isolation in his cabin and being away social media, Andrew Reed (aka Andrew Reed & the Liberation) was able to observe nature. And with all of that time to be finally feel at peace with nature by his side, came an 80’s rock album, As a Bird of the Air.

With his skills as a guitarist and recording artist, Andrew built a 3 level remote mountaintop recording compound, surrounded by 12,000 acres of game lands. “We recorded an album that was so sonically different, it would cause a listener to sit up. We tore up the rule book, went retro 80’s rock, and used so much reverb, there was a reverb shortage around the world,” says Andrew.

Not touring or using social media for a long time is usually a really bad choice nowadays, but Andrew did it anyway, “following the wind.” His goal when making the album was to lift people through his music. The songs talk about human frustrations and dilemmas, love, time, money, relationships, spirituality, loss, lack, longing, loneliness and being wronged. “To me, rock wasn’t meant to be pretty, but desperate, risky and bombastic, where it could go off the rails at any moment. Not over-rehearsed or efficient and safe, where one could throw their life away in the moment,” shares Andrew.

His latest single, “Strangers,” off of As a Bird of the Air seems to be a song that explores a relationship who is struggling with money. With lyrics like, “Armed with two fists full of courage / And not a penny to our names / All we have is each other / And it might always be that way / Time won’t stop just because some hearts broke along the way” and “It’s easy to be brave when you know you have a lot / But let me tell you something, you hold on tight when you know it’s all you’ve got,” the audience gets a sense of two people who don’t have a lot, but have each other.

This is a combination that truly tests whether two people really care about each other, without materialistic things being in the way.

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