‘American Idol’ Contestant Hunter Metts Nearly Brought Luke Bryan To Tears With Cover Of Kaleo’s “All The Pretty Girls” — WATCH

American Idol contestant Hunter Metts auditioned with KALEO’s “All The Pretty Girls” and his truly one-of-a-kind vocals impressed the Idol judges so much that they predicted that he will make the Top 10.

Metts’ performance had a few chill-inducing moments according to Luke Bryan and Katy Perry, especially when he hit a certain few notes during the audition. Following his performance, judges Bryan, Perry and Lionel Richie praised the singer for his exceptional voice and even gushed that they think he will make the Top 10.

“Woah, man, there was one note you hit that man I got the real deal chills,” Bryan gushed.

“Real deal chills, I went future planning, I was like I literally pulled up my mission impossible thing and I was like ‘Hunter Metts Top 10,'” Perry added.

“See, we got plans for you son,” Richie said. “You understand me, all you go to do is just stay in your lane and take us on a journey.”

Bryan later adding, “I almost started crying when he hit that one note.”

“Hunter Metts, I think you’re top 10,” Perry added.

“I wrote top 10 too,” Bryan said.

His performance left a lasting impression on the Idol judges, so much so that he earn a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Tune into American Idol on Sunday, February 28 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

Watch Metts’ audition above.

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