Alexandra Kay, Photo Provided; Taylor Swift, Photo Courtesy of AMAs/ABC
Alexandra Kay, Photo Provided; Taylor Swift, Photo Courtesy of AMAs/ABC

Alexandra Kay Reveals How Taylor Swift Inspired Her Single “Skip This Part,” Says She’s A Huge Swift Fan

Alexandra Kay dropped her fan-favorite single, “Skip This Part,” in the fall of 2022. And, while she has since released more songs for her fans, she doesn’t plan on skipping the part where they get to know just how the track came about.

In a brand-new interview with Music Mayhem, Kay shared the story behind how “Skip This Part” came together with co-writer singer/songwriter Lauren Weintraub before she collaborated on it with her producer, Andrew Capra.

Kay revealed the tune (specifically the bridge of the song) was partly-inspired by Taylor Swift.

“Lauren and I are both huge Taylor Swift fans,” Kay explained. “So before we started the write, we were talking about how we love these very full circle, full of imagery and complex, storyteller bridges. Taylor does an incredible job at that. So it was no surprise to me that when we started building the bridge for ‘Skip This Part’ that we were just painting this picture of this guy coming back in her head. And it’s all just a fairy tale that she’s picturing in her head of, ‘can we skip to the part where you’re lying awake?’”

“I remember Lauren coming up with that first line, she’s like, ‘can we skip to the part where you’re lying awake, and you realize that you made the biggest mistake?’” she continued on the song, which is about a person, who imagines a breakup turning out differently. “I have it all recorded on my phone, and then I’m like, ‘and you get in your car, and you speed down my street, and the rain starts to fall,’ and we scream at each other, and we’re like, ‘and you fall to your knees.’ And we’re just screaming this back and forth, and it was just a really cool moment.”

Kay previously debuted the music video for “Skip This Part,” which brings that “cool moment” to life even more. The clip features Kay playing the role of a director as two actors act out the breakup and makeup scenes.

In September, before its release, Kay teased “Skip This Part” on TikTok, telling fans, “I played this song every night opening for Tim McGraw. And y’all went crazy. So here we go..”


A new era of music i could not be more excited about begins now. This ones called Skip This Part ⏭

♬ original sound – Alexandra Kay

Beneath the clip, Kay also captioned, “A new era of music I could not be more excited about begins now. This one is called ‘Skip This Part.’”

“Skip This Part,” along with Kay’s most recent release, “Backroad Therapy,” will be featured on her upcoming album, due out sometime in 2023. Kay shared a bit of what fans can expect from the forthcoming collection once it becomes available.

“[‘Skip This Part’ and ‘Backroad Therapy’ are] the first two singles off my record coming out at the beginning of the year. I am not gonna release any release dates or anything else on that… but it’ll be titled Back Road Therapy. I’m just really excited for the world to get a full project for me,” Kay said. “It’s a product of the last year, but I definitely still have a few more songs before it’s done. I just wanna make sure it’s perfect. It’s my first full-length project, and I wanna make sure that I give my fans something that they listen to and that they know it’s me as soon as it starts spinning. And so I just want them to be as proud of it as I will be.”

In addition to her upcoming album, Kay also promises to share some exciting bonus moments, including the one where she and Weintraub are actively sharing ideas for “Skip This Part.”

“I’m excited to put out some bonus stuff on my record at the beginning of the year,” Kay said. “And part of that is that little voice memo of us writing that song and how exciting it was for us to put that together.”

Kay, who made her Grand Ole Opry debut on Nov. 19, was a special guest on McGraw’s 2022 tour alongside openers Brandon Davis and Russell Dickerson. More recently, she wrapped up a run of shows as the supporting act on Tracy Lawrence and Clay Walker’s joint co-headlining tour.

Kay is currently on the road for her headlining Backroad Therapy tour, which wraps on Friday (Dec. 16).

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