Morgan Wallen; Photo Courtesy of CMA
Morgan Wallen; Photo Courtesy of CMA

Morgan Wallen Tells Bobby Bones That He’s Going To Be More “Mindful” Now That He Has A Young Son

Morgan Wallen told Bobby Bones that is going to be more “mindful” now that he has a young son when he appeared on the Bobbycast on Friday (Nov. 2).

The country superstar chatted with Bones about his life, time on The Voice, his recent successes and the TikTok viral controversy of his crazy weekend in Alabama.

Bones said in the interview that he “understands the covid stuff” but he was also like “what do you want from this guy, he’s 27 years old, people were just having fun.”

Wallen replied: “I know, I mean I get it, I understand both sides of it a little bit, you know. I know that I got young kids that look up to me and all those kind of things too, so I do want to be mindful of things.”

The “7 Summers” singer did however say that he isn’t going to allow people to control the way he lives his life but he is going to be more mindful of what he does as he understands that he has young fans and a young son of his own and he wouldn’t be very proud to show his son those videos that circulated from his Alabama weekend that caused his Saturday Night Live performance to be postponed.

I am not gonna let people control the way I live my life but I do also want to be mindful and honestly I have a son now and I don’t know that I’d be proud to show him those videos,” Wallen explained. “I gotta think about some things a little bit differently.”

He continued: “Honestly throughout this whole process, there’s been times where for a while I would just be like I’m kind of like lonely and I don’t know if I like this and then you know there’s another high and you’re like aw yeah I love this. It just kind of goes through phases and I kind of just had been living like that you know. I was like can I maybe do something to combat that, maybe I don’t have to be so moody, you know, so It was almost a good thing for me as it kind of forced me away, just to kind of reflect and look at myself and kind of get to know myself again and it was good for me. So I took like a while, almost two weeks and just turned my phone off and just didn’t even look at it. Drove on a tractor and things like that and just cleared my head, it was really, really good for me. I don’t really love the circumstances that led to that but I’m thankful for where it led me.”

The popular radio host said that he was stuck in a similar situation of loneliness at one point.

“So I had a very similar situation, I’m just now getting married in April,” Bones explained. “I’ve never been married, I don’t have any kids but I was struggling with being single. Tyler from Florida Georgia Line told me at a coffee shop, he was like dude you’re kind of spiralling, a different kind of spiral, my spiral was straight loneliness. My thing was a ratio of loneliness to happiness.”

Wallen then compared the high of people liking your music and you as a person to drugs saying you just start wanting the feeling of people liking you more and more and you just get so wrap up in it sometimes that it makes you do crazy things.

“It’s so easy to base your feelings off of what other people think cause that’s my job,” Wallen said. “it’s like I pour my heart and soul into this, I really want these people to like it and damn they do like it, they do like me that’s awesome, but then you start chasing that, you start wanting that feeling all the time, it’s almost like a drug, just keep on going aw that feels good, I like it when people like me, I mean who don’t. I’ve always been the type of guy to make everyone around me have a good time and feel good. It’s like I love that, I want people to love me, I always have, It’s a catch 22.”

You can listen to the full interview below.


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