Gwen Stefani Gives Wedding Update And Reveals If Miley Cyrus Will Play Her And Blake Shelton’s Wedding

Gwen Stefani joked saying “plans is a dirty word” when being asked how her and Blake Shelton’s wedding plans are coming along.

During an interview with ET Canada, the “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” singer gave fans an update on her and Blake Shelton’s wedding plans and also revealed if Miley Cyrus will be performing at their wedding.

“We can’t really plan the wedding because we don’t really know what’s happening, I think we are sort of like putting a target date out there and seeing if we can work backwards and everyone can be safe,” Stefani explained. “It’s going to be obviously just my family and that alone is hard enough so yeah it’s exciting but it’s also kind of like aww. But for me it’s just really about it’s more that I have amazing best friend that is like my guy in life and I feel so grateful.”

The superstar continued to explain that she just hopes to have God show up to make it a spiritual day.

“I have to have God show up to it, definitely want it to be a spiritual experience that is filled with love and truth,” Stefani added. “I want it to be real and pure. I don’t really have a mood board going but I have a prayer that I say everyday going and just that is where I am kind of focusing it, in the spiritual world.”

Recently Miley Cyrus reached out to Stefani on Twitter to ask to play her and Shelton’s wedding in which the couple haven’t yet decided on. When ET Canada asked Stefani if Cyrus would be performing at their wedding, she said “She’s so naughty, Miley, you are a naughty little girl.”

Stefani then gushed over Cyrus saying “I loved Miley since back in ‘The Climb’ days, like she’s literally so talented,” before explaining how she is unsure of the details of who would perform at her and Shelton’s wedding and even questioned if she and her soon-to-be husband would be able to afford Cyrus.

“I came across on Twitter, my girlfriend posted she was doing something, Miley was doing these little online concerts and I had seen it that morning and then as I was scrolling through, there was another one of her singing and It just took my breath away and I just responded, I didn’t even know that I was, I thought I was responding to a fan, like I don’t even know how Twitter works like I’m so ignorant,” Stefani said. “And all of a sudden, she’s saying all this stuff and I’m like ahhh your crazy but yes I don’t really know about all those details of that, who would sing at my wedding but I don’t really doubt but I doubt we’d be able to afford Miley Cyrus.”

You can watch their full interview with the superstar below.

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