Corey Taylor and Wife Alicia Reveal They are Launching a ‘Plant-Based’ Taco Truck Business

In a recent interview with RockFeed, Corey Taylor and his wife Alicia Taylor has unveiled exclusively that they are launching a ‘Plant-based’ Taco Truck business.

During the interview, the couple revealed that the coronavirus is impacting their plans to launch their taco truck business saying that the virus has not only cancelled and postponed tours but also their trip to Atlanta, GA “to do a taste test for a food truck that we’re starting.”

“It was basically a [plant-based] taco food truck,” Corey said in the interview with RockFeed. “We can’t say vegan. Cause There will be some dairy and just some stuff in there, but the main focus was flavor – not just content. People talk about vegan and they can become very pretentious. For us, it’s just about, ‘Look, we’re fat-asses, man, we just wanna eat! We want some f-cking food!’ This was a way for us to combine that with a healthier lifestyle.”

Alicia revealed to fans that “a lot of people don’t know this, we went plant-based in August or September, and we saw the benefits immediately.” Corey added “My cholesterol dropped, like 80 points, I was even trying to eat better and yet my cholesterol wasn’t going anywhere. And as soon as I went [plant-based], The change in my cholesterol level was immediate. It was pretty rad!”

When Brian asked if the show would be at his shows, he said it was the plan, but didn’t confirm that it would be happening.

Their taco truck discussion comes about in the video interview around the 21 minute mark.

Watch RockFeed’s full interview below:

Corey and Alicia got engaged in April 2019 and wedded in October in their hometown of Las Vegas. The couple began dating after Corey’s eight-year marriage ended with Stephanie Luby, who he married in 2009. Corey was married in 2004 to Scarlett, who he shares a son with, Griffin Taylor.

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