Chris Lane, Lauren Lane and Son Dutton Walker Lane; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Chris Lane, Lauren Lane and Son Dutton Walker Lane; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Chris Lane Says Fatherhood Has Been “Really Hard” As His Son Dutton “Does Not Like To Sleep Very Well”

Late night shows used to be the reason for country artist Chris Lane’s lack of sleep, but now he has something else keeping him up at night too. Currently, on the road for his Fill Them Boots tour, the “Big, Big Plans” singer shared his ability to push through the long days and bring his energy to the stage.

“I’m a little tired right now,” Lane said in an Instagram story. “But I’ll be ready to rock this weekend.”

On top of his headlining tour and releasing new music, Lane is still learning the ups and downs of being a father to his son, Dutton Walker Lane. One of the new parenting hurdles he has to overcome is trying to get his baby to sleep through the night, which isn’t an easy task. 

“I’ll be honest… a couple of months ago we were in the mix of it,” he admitted. “It’s been really hard because our little man does not like to sleep very well. He’s starting to get it figured out now, but a couple of months ago, we were like, ‘There ain’t no way we could even consider having another one.'”

Now, the couple is starting to rethink their feelings on the subject because underneath all the hard days and nights is a lot of love. Lane brings that love with him on the road with him and even had a crib built on the tour bus for Dutton.

“Now I understand how people say that you forget how hard those first five or six months were,” Lane said. “Now I think that potentially we will do it again. We’re already talking about it.”

Before Lauren, Lane didn’t think he would ever want to get married or have kids, but as we can see, she changed his mind about those too. 

“Watching Lauren be a mom has been the best thing in the world,” Lane told PEOPLE. “She’s got it down pat, even when she felt like she didn’t know what she was doing. She is seriously the best mom. Just when you don’t think that there’s any way you could love somebody more, I feel like I’m finding a new way every single day.”

In preparation for his show in Raleigh, North Carolina, Lane posted a series of videos to social media showcasing that his dad duties don’t slow down even when they’re on the road. “Just out here being a dad,” he said, adding footage of him carrying a dirty diaper. “Definitely takes after his mom that’s for daggon sure,” he joked.

Lane will continue on his Fill Them Boots tour through April, with openers Tyler Rich, Ernest and Lily Rose.

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