Brantley Gilbert On Fatherhood: “Being A Dad Is By Far My Favorite Thing”

Despite all of his tattoos, black attire, biker buddies, and general appearance country superstar Brantley Gilbert is a big old teddy bear. Especially when it comes to his two children.

The “Hard Days” singer is a sweet guy with his heart wrapped firmly around his two little kids’ fingers. “They’re my smile, they’re my heart, they’re my whole world,” he says.

Gilbert feels that as his children get older he will find activities he can enjoy with them. Right now, he is certainly enjoying following their lead and letting them be kids. Gilbert has two children, a son, age 3, named Barrett Hardy-Clay and a daughter, age 1, Braylen Hendrix.

At the end of the day, all Gilbert cares about is being the best father he can be. He says, “I kinda follow their lead a lot of times. My little boy, he’s three, I bought him a T-ball set, a bucket of balls and stuff. And he’ll key into it and he’ll hit for about maybe a minute, and then he’s off to somethin’ else. And my little girl’s much the same way. At one and three, I’m still kinda followin’ them, lettin’ them do their thing and kinda seein’ how I fit into their world a little bit, I guess. But they’re my smile, they’re my heart, they’re my whole world. I’ve been a lot of things in my life. I’ve been a biker, a singer, just a lot of things, but being a dad is by far my favorite thing that I’ve ever been.”

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