Noah Thompson; Photo by Easton Schirra/American Idol/ABC
Noah Thompson; Photo by Easton Schirra/American Idol/ABC

‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Hopes To One Day Move To Nashville & Aspires To Play The Grand Ole Opry

American Idol winner Noah Thompson took the leap of faith when he auditioned for the 20th anniversary season. Throughout his successful time on the show, Thompson made new friends, strengthened his abilities as an artist and was given the tools to move forward in the industry.

During an interview with Music Mayhem, Thompson revealed that he became “close” friends with the other contestants throughout the show. This was especially helpful to him since he spent so much away from home during his time on the show.

“We get to crack up and joke about stuff, as much as we possibly can, because we’re all kind of in this together. We just try to make the best out of all of it because you know, there are times on the show where it’s, kind of lonesome, and we all miss home. So, that’s why having all these guys here is so cool because we’ve all became like a little family, in a way.”

Not only did Thompson miss his hometown, but Kentucky’s Lawrence County had also shown that they miss him just as much. He got the surprise of a lifetime when his hometown honored him by declaring April 2022, Noah Thompson month. Hearing the news sparked a heartwarming response from the 20-year-old as it left him practically speechless. 

“I didn’t even know what to say when I seen that. That’s kind of, that’s just hard to believe,” he gushed. “I didn’t expect that, whatsoever. So, that’s crazy. I almost forgot about that, in a way. All the things going on down here, I don’t know. It just… That shows you right there how supportive everybody truly is. How really, truly, supportive, everybody is.”

Luckily, the Kentucky native only lives a short drive out from the hub of country music – Nashville, TN. Now that he’s immersed himself in the Country music genre, Idol runner-up HunterGirl has been urging him to consider making the move in the near future. Although the excitement to continue his music career is alive and well, the stress of making the big step of leaving his small town is a bit intimidating. But Thompson says he’s “definitely thinking about it.”

“She really wants me to move to Nashville. I definitely took that into consideration because that’s where country music is, right there. It’s definitely a thought. I’m so used to my little hometown though, it’s almost going to be hard to leave. But to do this, what I’m wanting to, what I’m shooting for, that’s the risk you got to take.”

Whether he makes the official move or not, Thompson knows one thing for sure, his heart is set on making his Grand Ole Opry debut one day. 

“That’s that’s the place I want to play. That’s the stage I want to stand on one day, no doubt,” Thompson admitted. “That’s that’s the one I’m shooting for.”

On May 22, Thompson was crowned winner of the singing competition show with HunterGirl by his side as runner-up. Since the final episode, the “One Day Tonight” singer has returned to his hometown to figure out what’s next for his singing career.

Since being home from Idol, Thompson went back to visit his former place of employment to see his co-workers and has been spending some time at home with his family.

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