Yellowcard Lifts A Sail in Philadelphia at The Electric Factory

Yellowcard, is a 5-piece American pop punk/alternative rock band from Jacksonville, FL that has gone through some tough times during their historic career of over a decade. There was the hit, the hiatus, the reformation and more recently, the departure of drummer Longineu Parsons III and more personally, Ryan Key’s wife’s Snowboarding accident and her paralysis and violinist Sean Mackin’s thyroid cancer has taken a toll. Which is how Lift A Sail came about Ryan Key says “This album means ALOT to us, We created it when getting through a lot of our personal problems” & “When we make a record, Our problems are no bigger or better then yours & We can get through these times together”. Even last night and over the last few days, Ryan has been dealing with a sinus infection, but as Sean Mackin stated at this show “Thank you guys for curing my friend, He has been sick and tonight is the best I’ve seen him in awhile” as Ryan replied “Well Philly just makes me feel better, I love this place. This venue has a lot of meaning to us as a band, we’ve played here so much and we always look forward to this show on every tour. Thank you guys for keeping the tradition alive!”. This tour is in support of their 7th studio album, “Lift a Sail,” where the band navigated in a new direction with their music, branching out of the punk/pop roots into something slightly more alternative. 

Yellowcard entering the stage to the incredibly distinct Violin chords of “Convocation” from the incredibly talented Sean Mackin. “Convocation” is the first track off their new album Lift A Sail, Which began their 14 song setlist. Then entering into their song “Transmission Home” where Ryan Key was then presented upon the stage shredding the guitar chords along with illuminating the rest of the band members, where then Ryan played a few chords on the piano which is the newest addition to Yellowcard music & I personally like the addition, it gives them a more unique sound. “Lights and Sounds” is always a crowd pleaser and just as they bursted into that song Sean and Ryan jumping/backflipping off the Drum riser. Throughout the night all the members pulled their own stunts rather it be head banging, Playing multiple instruments at once, or doing backflips off the drum riser. Yellowcard put on an incredible performance with an even more extraordinary sound. Nothing compares to a live Yellowcard show so you can not only hear but see and feel the emotion and talent that goes into their music. After a short piano solo from Ryan, “Only One” then filled the room which the crowd then shouted the lyrics back at them. Ryan then stating “Lets Blow The Roof Off This Fucking Place” when going into “Make Me So” which made the crowd go wild in a jumping frenzy. Then playing “Illuminate”, “Light Up The Sky”, “Awakening” before Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire made his guest appearance for “The Deepest Well” which he is featured on. “One Bedroom”, “Way Away” then one of her biggest hits “Ocean Avenue”. The band then exiting the stage as Ryan began playing the piano for “California” as the crowd illuminated the stage with their cell phones as they swayed them in the air, Ryan then expressing his thanks for coming out and singing with Yellowcard tonight. The Stage then fading to black as the entire crowd roared with the loudest of screams I’ve heard at a show in a long time, Definitely felt as though the roof was ready to blow off as Ryan requested earlier in the show. Overall, if you haven’t checked out Yellowcard’s new album Lift A Sail, You NEED to. Also, if you have the opportunity to get out and see Yellowcard on this tour or any of their future tours, you should as they are definitely a crowd pleaser and a very talented group of guys who put on a phenomenal very interactive performance for their fans.  

Yellowcard Setlist 

  • Convocation
  • Transmission Home
  • Crash The Gates
  • Lights And Sounds
  • Only One
  • Make Me So
  • Illuminate
  • Light Up The Sky
  • Awakening
  • The Deepest Well feat. Matty Mullins
  • One Bedroom
  • Way Away
  • Ocean Avenue
  • California 

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