33-year-old New Orleans native, William Dempsey and his 2-year-old son, Weston Luke were just putting on a mini-concert in the comfort of their own home for their wife, mother (respectively) Tiffany Schlumbrecht Dempsey like they normally do in their Louisiana home and Tiffany later posted the video on Facebook showcasing the cute father-son moment singing Luke Combs’ hit “Beautiful Crazy.” What they did not know is that the viral would soon become a massive viral sensation, amassing over 8.2 million views in just under a month.

William and Weston both singing Luke Combs’ “Beautiful Crazy” shirtless as Luke’s dad William played the tune on an acoustic guitar, Weston strummed along with his electric guitar as he stomped around smiling.

William’s vocals sounding flawless throughout the entire song making us crave more, showcasing his unique vocal range that is very impressive and we hope he pursues country music. William’s son Weston sung along smiling with his dad making for a cute collaboration.

Tiffany Dempsey thanked the viewers of the viral video saying, “I just wanted to thank you all for the likes, shares and sweet comments. What started out as me taking a video of our normal daily entertainment, turned into something we never would have imagined! Never in a million years did we think this video would get the attention that it has! Y’all are so sweet! And since the response has been so overwhelmingly positive, I may try to capture more moments like this and share them with y’all.”

“Beautiful Crazy” was released on Combs’ 2017 debut album, This One’s For You, the song is Combs’ fifth single to reach No. 1. It was radio-dominating single since December of 2018, it then became of the the biggest singles of Combs’ career and has since went Double Platinum this year (2019).

Check out their video on Facebook below:

Check out William Dempsey’s covers on Youtube, HERE.

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