What are Twenty One Pilots up to? Read the Fan Theory That is Making Everyone Excited

So it has officially been almost a full year since we have heard or seen anything from Twenty One Pilots, the band’s last ‘Sleepers’ video dropped on July 5th, 2017, and since that day we have heard and seen nothing from the band. However, the band is teasing something with some clues that fans have found online and interpreted really well. These clues consist of multiple things that have now become a highly discussed theory on Twitter & Reddit forums. The band sparked the theory when they added a strange URL to the end of a GIF on their official merch store, which cause fans to go into a frantic hunts throughout the internet in which the band continues to drop clues and hints it seems.

The theory seems like it could possibly have some sort of legit concepts to it, but its all just a fan theory driven by the bands mysterious hints/clues that they seem to have been giving secretively. See what fans have come up with in the below thread on Twitter, it is really incredible how the Clique is almost like the FBI in a way…

Read the fan driven theories below:

Read full thread here:

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