What Are Drum Modules and Why They Matter

The brain of an electronic drum set is the drum module. Modules are digital music devices that come as part of an electronic drum set. Drum modules function as the central processing unit of drum sets and produce sounds based…


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Posted on November 19, 2019

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The brain of an electronic drum set is the drum module. Modules are digital music devices that come as part of an electronic drum set. Drum modules function as the central processing unit of drum sets and produce sounds based on the trigger from the drummer, or what the drummer has selected.

Drum modules allow drummers to work on different genres like jazz, rock, hip-hop, and others with its selection of preset kits. It only takes a single button push from the drummer for the module to come up with an entirely new kit that can be used during music recordings or live performances.

The creation of customized kits also becomes possible through sound of the cymbals, snares, kick drums, and toms that drum modules have. Depending on the module that you have in your electronic drum set, you may also have the feature to download music online, thus increasing your options.

What Basic Features Should You Look For A Drum Module?

Remember that the drum module serves as the brain of an electronic drum set, so it should have excellent features. One of the things that you have to check is the quality of sound that the module produces. Not having a delay in what you hear in your headphones every time you hit the drum is a good indication that a module has excellent sound. It’s essential not to have a delay to avoid falling behind the beat, which will make your music sound off.

You get what you pay for with drum modules, too. While almost all of the drum modules in the market offer percussion options and give you bells, drums, and other effects, not all of them allow for sound variations download. Sound changes would be useful for electronic and techno music, and would give you the chance to produce music based on your style and needs.

Check out some of the crucial capabilities and features of drum modules that make them matter to you as a musician.

Produces Near-Limitless Range Of Sounds For Your Drum Set

A drum module is beneficial for drummers who engage in different genres since it offers unlimited sounds on tap. So, whether you’re a drummer of an R&B, jazz combo, pop, or reggae band, a module enables you to produce drum sounds that match with these music styles. Simply put, you get to achieve versatility with a drum module installed in your electronic drum set.

Makes Your Performances A Lot More Convenient

Adjusting the volume of your drums, depending on the venue of your performance, becomes easy with a drum module. Some places require your drum kit to be louder while others entail a quieter kit. Without a module, it would be almost impossible to adjust the volume of drums without affecting the overall performance of the drummer. With a module, however, you can get the volume and sound that you need, matching the setting of your live performance.

More often than not, drummers have to mic the drum set, especially if they’re playing in front of a large crown on a large stage. While putting a mic on your drums makes volume adjustment possible, it has a downside: mics can produce feedback, affecting the overall music quality of your performance. Bands use an electronic drum set’s drum module to achieve the drum sound and volume they need for their concerts.

Allows You To Practice For Your Performance Better

This is arguably the most useful feature or capability that a drum module has. Modules offer practice songs and metronomes that you can practice with as you prepare for an upcoming performance. If you have music saved in a CD or an MP3, you can also play along with it by plugging it to the drum module.

Another benefit that a drummer gets from drum modules when practicing for their performance is freedom. A module allows for the easy adjustment of volume. Aside from adjusting the volume of the sound that your drums produce every time you hit it, it’s also possible to plug headphones in so you don’t have to worry about being too noisy for your neighbors. With an electronic drum module, you can avoid complaints and practice whenever you want.

Produces A High-Quality Sound While Maintaining A Natural Feel

Some drummers have yet to decide on the possibility of using electronic drum sets for their performances. The main reason is that they’re afraid they might lose the natural playing feel that acoustic drums bring once they shift to an electronic one. With new and premium drum modules, a drummer gets a sound that closely resembles this playing style. Premium modules respond accurately to the distinctions in your technique when playing the drums.

You can also make the experience even more realistic by tweaking the velocity and sensitivity of the drum module’s response. If you’re looking to achieve a balanced mix, it’s also possible to adjust the equality setting of individual cymbals and drums. The accurate trigger response combined with the ambiance effects of drum modules can result in an excellent sound wherever you play the drums.

Here are other things that a premium drum module achieves to produce a natural feel and sound:
● Modules reproduce your drum playing dynamics with fine sound variations.
● Crash shots are similar to acoustic crash cymbals in terms of power.
● Accurate reproduction of delicate brush and swells sounds.
● Smooth transition of sounds on hi-hats as the drummer slowly moves from an open to a
closed position.
● Authentic production of sounds as the drummer plays in different hi-hat positions.

Has Enough Expansion and Connectivity Options

Expansion of electronic drum kits with more triggers and pads is a trend that you might also think of doing in the future. Premium drum modules now have multiple connectors to allow for better connectivity and expansion.

Here’s a list of things that you can do with the connectivity feature of a drum module:
● Lets you connect to external PCs and digital workstations and audio interfaces.
● It allows you to send MIDI data to external devices.
● Connecting CD players or MP3s becomes possible, giving you the chance to practice
along with your favorite songs.
● In both studio and live settings, sending your performance to a recorder and a mixer
simultaneously is smooth.
● Receives common types of amplification that you’re planning to use when recording or

Final Thoughts

The importance of an electronic drum set that fits the playing style of a drummer cannot be overemphasized, and this is where a high-quality drum module becomes vital. A drum module allows you to access near-unlimited sounds, helps you to practice conveniently and perform better, get a natural feel when playing electronic drums, as well as be flexible in managing your music. Those said, always check on the module of your electronic drum set and leverage on its capabilities and features to help you become an even better drummer or musician.

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