Watch Luke Bryan’s Mom LeClaire React To Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s No. 1 Single “WAP”

Luke Bryan’s mom, LeClaire, is best known for not only being Bryan’s mom but also her hilarious antics and upbeat personality.

On Saturday (Aug. 29), Bryan’s wife, Caroline, shared a hilarious clip of LeClaire reacting to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s No. 1 single, “WAP.”

Bryan’s wife said that her niece Jordan, showed LeClaire the song and in the clip it seems she was quite enjoying the track at first. That is until she heard the raunchy lyrics that followed the infectious opening instrumental.

“My niece played Cardi B for Mil. I can’t stop watching this. ? ? ? @jordancheshire @leclaire.bryan,” Caroline captioned the video clip.

“I’m not listening to this stuff, how do you cut it off?” asked LeClaire while the song played.

“Siri cut that music off!” yelled LeClaire before the music stopped.

Bryan’s mom has said in the past that his mom really knows how to “turn on the charm” when the camera’s are rolling but this one is her organic reaction to a song she doesn’t seem to want to hear due to the raunchy lyrical content.

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