Katy Perry; Photos Courtesy of Refinery29 Screenshot
Katy Perry; Photos Courtesy of Refinery29 Screenshot

WATCH: Katy Perry Shares Rare Glimpse Behind-The-Scenes Of Her PLAY Las Vegas Residency

Katy Perry shared a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of her Las Vegas Residency, PLAY with fans. Perry offered fans a backstage tour of her residency via Refinery29’s Set Digs.

Perry described her PLAY Las Vegas Residency as “weird” while giving the backstage tour with Refinery29.

Perry showed off the set used during her concert and a bunch of oversized props that make an appearance, describing herself as a “doll in a kind of toy-filled world.”

In addition, Perry revealed that she loves having “inanimate objects coming to life” and showed the outlet some interesting costumes as well as a 20-foot toilet prop that she gets to pop up in at one point in the show.

After giving a tour of the set, Perry then took the outlet backstage to discuss wardrobe, saying that she changes costumes, “maybe like eight times” during the show.

“Typically there’s a rack of costumes in here,” Perry explained to Refinery29 as she led them through her offstage dressing room. “It’s like the pit at a NASCAR race or something,” the “Teenage Dreamer” singer joked of her changing space.

From there, Perry took the outlet to where sound is run, showing off a colorful array of bedazzled microphones.

“This is actually my favorite mic,” Perry said, picking up a red and white bedazzled microphone. “Because it has a little jingle jangle mushroom [on it],” she explained, gesturing to a tiny charm at the base of the microphone.

Perry described her PLAY Las Vegas Residency as a “celebration of all things [she’s] been able to do and all the music [she’s] been able to put out and all the success and songs and nostalgia.”

“The nostalgia is through the roof,” she said before showing off a few more giant props including a rocking horse and a clock.

Perry said remembering dance steps while she’s performing is challenging because there are instances where she does the show for three weeks and then not again for nine weeks.

“That means I always come in the day before the first show of the run and am always rehearsing,” she explained. Perry also revealed that her Vegas residency isn’t the type of show she could take out on the road to tour and that she enjoys playing a larger venue.

“This show is truly larger than life,” she said.

Perry ended the tour by taking Refinery29 downstairs to wardrobe and talking about her onstage costumes as well as showing off a few pieces.

Perry’s PLAY Las Vegas Residency runs through October 22 of this year.

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