Kameron Marlowe; Photo Courtesy of "Steady Heart" Music Video Screengrab
Kameron Marlowe; Photo Courtesy of "Steady Heart" Music Video Screengrab

WATCH: Kameron Marlowe Releases Powerful “Steady Heart” Music Video With Unexpected Plot Twist

Country artist Kameron Marlowe’s single “Steady Heart” dropped in November 2021, as a product of a zoom writing session. Since it’s release, the ballad has become his fastest-growing track, quickly surpassing 15 million streams. Now that fans have had the chance to fall in love with the single, Marlowe has brought the song to life with his just-released music video for the track.

Along with his co-writers Jessi Alexander and Dan Isbell, Marlowe created a love song that pulls at the heartstrings of listeners. “Steady Heart” is a change in pace from his recent his upbeat party songs, “Raise One Up,” and “Tequila Talkin’.” Each one of these songs represent a different emotion, showcasing Marlowe’s impeccable ability to tell a story through his songwriting.

“We really just wanted to sit down and write a love song,” Marlowe shared with Music Mayhem. “We had all been back with our families and stuff because we didn’t know what was going on. So we were just hanging around, I was on the back porch and I had this title on my phone called ‘My Stubborn Mind and Her Steady Heart’, and they were like, ‘we can work with that!’ So the song just really flew out of us.”

The song opens with the line, “she’s a glass of wine on the back porch and I’m a bourbon in a bar,” which describes who the characters in the story really are. As Marlowe continues to sing the romantic lyrics, we learn that despite their differences, these two people find each other and fall in love, making “something beautiful.”

The track continues, telling this love story that brings people from two different worlds together. Going from the first verse to the chorus, we hear, “We go together like a gravel road and an AM radio/But God only knows where we’ll end up/When you mix my calloused ways with her sweet touch/She’s a candlelight in all my dark/When we come together we’re the best of who we are/My stubborn mind and her steady heart.”

“It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve gotten to write,” Marlowe added. 

As we see in the music video, the song doesn’t have to just be about two people finding each other, it can hold a much deeper meaning as well and can relate to many different situations that people may be experiencing in regard to love and finding that person who is their “Steady Heart.”

The “Giving You Up” singer revealed that this surprising storyline of a father and a daughter finding love again after losing a mother and a wife was directed by Jeff Johnson, after debating on the right direction to go. 

“As far as the music video, we didn’t want to do the obvious take on it, which would be just two people finding each other. We wanted to show a different sense of how someone else could be a ‘Steady Heart.'” Marlowe explained. “In the video, it’s really cool because there’s really three – there’s the original mother, then the little girl who becomes her dad’s steady heart in his tough times, and then they all come together at the end. I thought it was really cool how Jeff Johnson shot it; we had a bunch of different ideas come down our way and I decided that this was the direction I wanted to take it because sometimes, it doesn’t always have to be a lover that could be your steady heart.”

In the start of the video, viewers see the father experience heart-wrenching flashbacks from the day he got married to his wife, building their home and starting a family together to losing her in a tragic car accident, leaving him to be a single dad. “Five Years Later” flashes across the screen as Marlowe begins to sing “Steady Heart.” A new character is introduced, the young daughter who brings a smile to his dads tear-filled eyes. Viewers are left with a happy ending as someone new unexpectedly emerges, bringing a bit of the joy back into their lives, without forgetting the one they lost. 

“Everyone views songs in different situations,” he wrote on his social media page, along with a clip of the music video. “By listening, you think love and a wedding and that’s what it is! But I wanted to go deeper into what this song could mean to others who may have gonethrogh something more. The constant in this video is his daughter. She’s there through it all. I hope Y’all enjoy this video!” He then hinted at a future music video for the wedding version, which would follow the lyric video, the fan video and the official music video, showcasing different viewpoints of the love song.

The fan video consisted of images sent in by fans, in response to Marlowe’s request asking them to sing in photos of them and their “Steady Heart” in their lives. The sweet photos were then compiled into a slideshow and shared across his social media pages. 

Since releasing the beautiful wedding version of “Steady Heart,” Marlowe has received tons of messages from fans letting him know they did in fact include it on their special day. 

“It’s been really cool to see that. That song is speaking to so many people and people want to use it as their first fan song and I think it’s awesome. It really does mean a lot.”

In the midst of fans excitement for the music video, Marlowe teased a now highly-anticipated song with the lyrics, “I wonder if those whispering pines ever told our secrets,” which he dubs one of his “favorite” lines “ever written.”

In a few months, he will take his new music out on the road with him as he travels to Ohio to perform along the star-studded lineup that will be at the Buckeye Country Superfest in July. Later, he will join Morgan Wallen for select dates on his sold-out Dangerous Tour.

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