Jake Hoot; Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Jake Hoot; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

WATCH: Jake Hoot Ages 20+ Years In New Music Video For Rowdy Summer Party Anthem “Night Left”

Jake Hoot’s “Night Left” music video is here!

The country singer shared the music video for his rowdy summer party anthem “Night Left,” a song that his coach Kelly Clarkson from The Voice dubbed “country-rock gold.”

Directed by Taylor Ballantyne, the same director who directed his “I Would’ve Loved You” video, the “Night Left” music video finds Hoot ages about 20 years older awaiting his teenage daughter to return home from a night out with her boyfriend at 2am. The clip includes performance footage of Hoot and his band intertwined with a storyline that finds a dad being strict with his daughter, who went out on a date with her boyfriend. 

Watch the aforementioned video below.

Co-written by Hoot alongside Danny Myrick and Kylie Sackley, the song an infectious track that will have everyone singing and dancing along, even Hoot’s 6-year-old daughter Macy can’t stop singing along. 

“We got a little thump in the Pioneers / A little redneck punch and ice cold beer / If ya thinking we can’t drink it Without ever even breaking a sweat / Aight bet / We got a half moon pull parking lot / A little bail ya out if the cops show up / A little hell we can sleep when we’re dead / And a Whole Lotta Night Left,” Hoot sings in the chorus of the anthemic track. 

Hoot recently told Music Mayhem of the track, explaining that he loved the idea of the song’s title track since he first heard it from co-writer Sackley. 

“Kylie had this idea that we got a whole lot of night left, and so we just kind of ran with the idea,” Hoot explained of the song. “I had heard the phrase aight bet from my little brother last year and didn’t know what it meant, so I asked him and he clarified what it meant. So I was just like, “Oh, that’s a cool little phrase.” I feel like it’s used a lot, but not put in music.”

He continued, “And so we put that right there in the middle of the chorus and it’s just a fun upbeat, party, summer type vibe song that I feel like people are going to be able to tap their foot and dance around to or whatever. My little six year old daughter knows every word to it so it’s fun listening to her sing it.”

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