Granger Smith; Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Granger Smith; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

WATCH: Fireworks Cause Fire To Break Out After Granger Smith Concert

A fire, caused by fireworks, ignited after a Granger Smith concert, prompting authorities to be called in to put out the blaze.

In the latest video, released on Thursday (Sept. 16), on his family YouTube channel, The Smiths, Smith documented his concert in Kansas on September 11. Following his energy-filled concert, the promoter of the event reportedly set off fireworks which ignited the blaze in the dry lands a few hundred yards from the backstage area and Smith’s tour bus.

“Just finished the show in Kansas and the promoter fired off fireworks after our show, which shouldn’t of happened in a dry Kansas,” Smith explained in his latest YouTube video.

“Look what happened! Look at this. That’s crazy,” Smith said to viewers as he showed fans the massive wildfire caused by fireworks. “That’s a big fire.”

Smith then exited the tour bus to see the fire, which he told a security guard, “Dang man, that’s a bad fire.”

“Yeah, this is all dry grass,” the security guard replied, before Smith added, “that just might keep going for a while. Did anybody advise him, maybe not shoot off fireworks in a dry grass?”

“He had a firetruck there but it wasn’t enough,” the security guard told Smith, as the sound of the sirens of several other fire trucks filled the background. 

“You can hear, there’s more [fire] trucks coming,” Smith added. “They’re going to need a lot more trucks.”

The “Hate You Like I Love You” singer continued to tell fans that everyone had their cell phones out filming the flames and smoke engulfing the dry grass a few hundred yards behind the stage.

“It’s ironic that on 9/11 we have to call the firetrucks,” he said before ending the clip and going to “take a shower.”

Watch Smith’s YouTube video documenting the experience below.


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