Watch Cove Reber Reunite with Saosin to Perform “You’re Not Alone” and “Seven Years” in Pomona

Saosin original vocalist Cove Reber reunited with the band after splitting with them in 2010, joining their new longtime vocalist Anthony Green to perform with them live in Pomona, CA lastnight. Reber joined the band to perform two song “You’re Not Alone” and “Seven Years” with Anthony Green. Reber was Saosin’s vocalist for both their Self-Titled record and In Search Of Solid Ground.

Fans seemed to thoroughly enjoyed the performance from the Saosin vocalists joining together on stage for a beautiful rendition of their songs. Green told fans “I just want to say that it’s such an honor for me to share the band and to share all these songs with Cove” continuing to say “I am so honored to be apart of the band and I love you very much Cove.” with Reber replying to him saying “I f-cking love you to man, this is what made me fall in love with Saosin.”

Watch the live video below:

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